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How to Imgur Upload on Desktop and Mobile

by Uneeb Khan

Imgur upload is frequently the most popular site to share images quickly or hilarious GIFs as well as memes. Although Imgur is completely free to use for all purposes but it’s missing some important attributes and might not have the professional feel you require when sharing images with a colleague at work.

Holly Stanley Holly Stanley

Imgur frequently is the preferred site to share images quickly or humorous GIFs or memes. However, even though Imgur is open to everyone but it’s missing some important attributes and might not convey the professional look you require when sharing images with a colleague at work. Today we’ll take a closer look at the reasons you might consider an Imgur alternative, as well as our top 10 options.

Table of Contents conceal 1. ImageShack [Best for image support in high-res] 2. Postimage [Best for sharing via social media]3. Flickr [Best for editing images]4. Imgbox [Best for unlimited storage] 5. PicPastePlus (Best privacy)6. ImgPile [Best for hosting free]7. Kek.gg [Best for easy image sharing]8. Unsee [Best to protect rights to images]9. ImgBB [Best option for adding an image-related plugin to your site]10. Publitio [The best full solution for managing media assets[Best for managing media assets]

The reason why you require an Imgur alternative?

Imgur is a no-cost image hosting website (there’s the option of a paid subscription to enjoy an free of ads). It allows you to upload images, embed or share images without the need to sign up for an account. Imgur was originally an image sharing platform for Reddit. However, as fate would have it, Imgur has become more well-known than the social network itself. While many of the top features are the price of a subscription, there’s a few disadvantages to using an Imgur alternative. Here are some reasons you might consider an Imgur alternative:

  • Ownership loss an image When you upload images taken or designed through you through Imgur, you can’t claim rights to it in the future.
  • Imgur reduces the size of images over 1MB. Although imgur claims that compressing pictures over 1MB does not affect its quality. We believe it will, even if it’s just little.
  • Does not have editing capabilities: If you want to crop or alter an image, you’ll need make the adjustment on a different platform prior to uploading it to Imgur.

After a time, these limitations could become frustrating to work with every day. Thus, you may want to think about one of these alternatives to Imgur.

ImageShack (Best for support of high-res images[Best for high-res image support

The most popular image sharing website ImageShack can be an ideal alternative to Imgur If you’re in search of more features and aren’t afraid of having to pay for a premium plan.One of the biggest advantages is it allows you can create single images or entire albums private or public this is helpful when you want to restrict those who view your pictures. ImageShack can also be used ImageShack as a host for images on your forum or website. If the quality of images is a problem, ImageShack is a top choice because ImageShack doesn’t compress photos, and saves them in high-resolution.

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Their application ImageShack Resize allows you to crop, resize as well as apply filtering to photos. It is possible to set the app Skypath to automatically connect your camera roll to the platform , which will securely store your photos within the cloud. Prices: The Basic plan costs $3.99/month and offers unlimited storage space with direct linking. The Pro plan costs $29.99/month and comes with an API-specific support team, dedicated support as well as an image resizer that is dynamic.

Postimage [Perfect for sharing on social media[Best for sharing on social media]

P Ostimage is a basic alternative to Imgur that allows you upload images in a matter of minutes to your web browser. After you’ve uploaded your photo, Postimage gives you different links, such as a directly linked link or hotlink as well as thumbnail sharing. This way you can quickly upload your photo to a blog post or post a link permanently via Facebook and Twitter.

Postimage also provides you the option of deletion, which lets you to erase images from their servers. It is important to remember that image uploads for free accounts do not exceed 24MB and 10,000 10000 pixels. However premium accounts have the capacity of 48Mb. Additionally, you can choose uploading pictures in bulk, up to 1000 at once. There’s no limit to the number of the number of photos you are able to upload on your account, however Postimage might charge you in the event that they do not earn advertising revenue from your photos such as when images are embedded into links that link to the website.

Flickr [The best for editing images Flickr [Best for editing images

Flickr is Yahoo’s photo-sharing service. Flickr is an excellent Imgur choice for users who are concerned about quality of images. Flickr offers you 1TB of storage free of charge and unlimited images to display. The generous size limits of up to 200MB, with unlimited resolution is enough for professional photographers. With sophisticated editors, photographers are able to modify, refocus, or make annotations, and even add filters to photos.

Most famously, it is known for its photo sharing feature and photographer community The discover feature displays millions of photos uploaded by users from all over the globe. The mobile application is useful for those looking the ability to upload or edit photos in the field.

imagebox (Best to store unlimited data[Best for unlimited storage

imgboxis an excellent alternative to Imgur for free. Imgbox is an image sharing platform that has couple of benefits over the other options such as unlimited storage time and infinite storage space. The user interface is simple and makes it easy for those who may not be familiar with image hosting websites to navigate.

Similar to other image hosting websites, imgbox imposes a maximum size for files. In this instance, the limit is 10MB. It’s important to know that the site accepts JPEG, GIF, and PNG files. Additionally, you can upload videos, too. If you’d prefer uploading one or two files you don’t requirement to sign up for an account. you are able to immediately begin uploading files from your web browser.

PicPastePlus (Best to protect Privacy PicPastePlus [Best for privacy

If privacy is an important factor, PicPastePlus is an ideal alternative to Imgur. You can choose the amount of times an image is visible (1 2, 3 4, 5, 10 20, 50 100 1000, or unlimitted). You can also set the length of time during the duration of time that an image can be viewed (1 minute 10, 20 30 minutes one hour, six hours one day, two months one year, or unlimitted).

In addition the auto-lock feature lets you to store images on your server, while keeping others from accessing the images. With PicPastePlus, you can also share photos with friends, convert them into HTML codes, or generate sharing hyperlinks. It is available as an extension for your browser that makes it a great choice to upload images on the go and changing.

AppSumo’s verdict Alternative to Imgur

Imgur is a fantastic free site for hosting files. However, it has some limitations, such as how it compresses images, and also removes the ownership of files. In light of these limitations, you might want an Imgur alternative.

There are plenty of free applications that you can use on your web browser, however should you want more privacy options or prefer an unadvertised experience, it’s recommended to choose a paid tool such as Publitio and Postimage. When you’re deciding on the best Imgur option for you then why not take a an look at our appSumo shop? We offer some of the most effective software deals on the market today.

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