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Important Facts about Transcription

by Uneeb Khan

Transcription is a very old process. Initially, it was used for record-keeping and preservation of literature. With time different global industries that have customers and clients around the world started using it to raise the voice of their brands. Transcription is the process of changing the speech from audio and video recording into text. 

It evolved greatly with time. It is imperative for global businesses to use transcription to survive in the competitive world. International companies that want to improve their customer services and have long-lasting relationships with their clients use transcription services. 

These companies need to deal with customers that speak different languages, Therefore, they need to speak to the customers in the language that they understand. Here they required the assistance of professional translation services with transcription. 

Significance of Transcription in Business

In the corporate world, transcription is essential for the smooth operations of the business. It is the method of converting the video or audio recording of business conferences, meetings, workshops, and presentations into written text for present and future use. Due to globalization, business meetings and conferences can be done in any part of the world. Therefore, it provides the employees with important business updates, no matter where they are.

 Transcription can improve employee productivity if the company goes for professional transcription. In this way, the employees instead of looking for updates on meetings can spend their time improving their competencies. They can utilize their time in increasing efficiency and working on business development projects. 

There is a great difference between unprofessional and professional transcription.Transcription services involve an expert that follows stringent transcription quality standards. Furthermore, it ensures reliability by checking the grammatical errors and making them relevant to the actual audio or video. 

For best transcription results, the company should hire a professional translation company. They assign subject-matter experts to transcribe your audio or video content.

Significance of Transcription in Literature

We cannot deny the importance of transcription in Literature. The enriched parts of ancient literature are preserved by transcription. The authors if don’t find any material about their topic can interview the literary person such as the poet and record all their findings. 

After transcribing the information, they can come up with scholarly books. At present, many books on literature are formed in this way. After compiling all the information, they go for literary translation services. This is because people can understand literature well in the language that they understand.

Importance of Transcription in the Digital World  

In this era of digitalization, people are going for e-commerce business instead of break-and-mortar stores. For this, they have to develop online content. This content includes videos too. Here video transcription helps to engage digital customers. Web pages with video transcripts rank higher than web pages that are not transcribed.

Many global companies are investing in online video captions to reach a wider audience from all around the world. It also increases SEO ranking. You will be surprised to know that companies that come up with social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images. 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without any sound. Here the transcription plays an important role. The transcription industry is expected to reach a worth of $4 billion USD to $12 billion USD this year.

Facts about Transcription and Writing

Let’s dive into certain facts about transcription.  

  • Transcription is not an easy task. Do you know that one hour interview or audio file takes a time of four to six hours for transcription?
  • Human beings can speak around 150-170 words per minute and with an average of 10,000 words per hour. It shows that a person can speak seven times faster than he writes. Therefore, only a person that is fast at typing can transcribe well.
  • A professional transcriptionist can type 80 to 100 words per minute.
  • One of the difficult parts of transcription is understanding difficult terminologies and technical jargon. Thus, it is the most time-consuming part of a transcriptionist.
  • The most demanded translated languages in transcription are Russian, Italian, German, French, and English.
  • In history, the fastest speed of transcription was done in 1946 by Stella Pajamas. She made a record of typing 216 words per minute for the duration of 50 minutes.
  • 56% of typing is done by the left hand.
  • People that learned to type at a young age can type two times faster than people that learn typing at an older age.
  • Studies have concluded that girls are more interested in typing than boys.

These facts show that typing speed matters a lot in getting impeccable transcription services. 

Wrapping Up

Are you looking for reliable transcription for your business or books? Mars Translation is here to assist you at reasonable rates. They understand how important transcription is for meetings, conferences, and digital content. Moreover, it is equally important for the compilation of your literature books. 

No matter which industry you want professional transcription services for, they covered you. If you don’t invest in transcription then you can lose ample business opportunities. Therefore you must use transcription to survive and retain your business in the competitive world.

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