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Improve Event Attendee Experience Using Smart Event Registration

by Uneeb Khan
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For every event host, it is crucial to satisfy the attendees and enhance their in-person event journey. Well, the initial stage to establish trust starts with the matter of fact that how effective and smooth your registration and ticketing process is. 

No matter what type of event you are hosting ranging from in-person events to hybrid or virtual events. Registration and ticketing are common in all. Attendee experience and engagement are both aspects as an event host you need to rely on one. As if attendees didn’t feel engaged with a good experience they will have quite the willingness to attend the in-person event or simply be disappointed with the offerings. However, the user experience journey starts much before the actual event happens. As it begins with the event registration strategy. 

So, here in this blog, we are going to talk about the keynote aspects of smart event solutions for event registration and ticketing. 

Enhance Your Event Attendee Experience With Smart Event Registration

Attendees experience management is not a new term, but over the period of time, it means have quite evolved. The rising popularity of digitalization of things and the introduction of new QR-based ticketing solutions with online booking systems have changed a lot. So, let’s see what an event host can incorporate into their in-person event.

Smart Registration Solution

Eliminating the long form of offline procedures like standing in a queue at registration counters and then filling such long forms are hardships for many. But with technology, it is no longer required to follow such procedures anymore. There are many in-person event platforms that involve technology and advanced tools which offer a seamless in-person event and what’s that? Let’s understand with few of the offerings that you can find satisfactory and relevant to ease down the efforts and save resources. 

A Microsite For In-Person Event Registration

You are now able to make a microsite particular for the registration process of the on-ground event. This event can be customized as per the theme and branding you wanted to rely on. While doing so, you would be able to put all the necessary information on this site including the day, date, timings, and details of the activities of the event. This microsite will be able to register all your attendees in an implied way. your user can fill out the form and after completing the payment process successfully they can receive their e-tickets (QR-based) over their email or Whatsapp. 

Furthermore, you can also integrate third-party applications for payments. Any which you think is compatible. Additionally, you will simply get all the user details (they have shared with you) in the backend to easily track down them. An event microsite is usually a great approach for all the event hosts as the link to this registration site can be shared during the promotion to different channels for maximizing attendee participants. 

Whatsapp Automation Solution For Smart Event Registration and Ticketing

WhatsApp for Event Registration is now the easiest yet fastest way for you to reach the targeted audience and improve their experience. Well, most people use WhatsApp and what if you offer the registration process right over a chat? This is how they will be able to receive the customized tickets (you can also add a photo, QR code or anything else). This efficient means of communication can be now useful for sending notifications and reminders about on-ground events. E-mails and SMS are usually overlooked and the possibility that they forget to check that but in the case of WhatsApp-based solutions the probability is higher. That every user will be kept updated and don’t miss any important updates. 

However, you will also be able to be connected with your audience once the event is over. Additionally, you can send upcoming events promotional content as well as feedback forums to analyze customer satisfaction.

In the event management guide. If you look, the first thing you will notice is the attendee’s experience while making them feel personalized and connected with you. So WhatsApp for event ticketing can be your best bet as you will surely not be able to find other suitable options than this. Let’s still explore some others

Mobile Application For Smart Event Registration and Ticketing

Just like the microsite you can also be able to create a mobile application. Which your user can download from your website, play store or from other platforms. So this application works the same here this is also made on a customized theme where there are details mentioned about the event. But this can be helpful in making your attendees feel what they can expect before the event. For instance, if there is a corporate event going on they can know what topics that the event is based on. Besides these, what panel and guests are coming to address sucks topics and other activities. 

So, now it’s your choice which thing you utilize. But one thing is for sure whichever you choose all are meant to improve your event attendees’ experience. 

Something Important Aspects To know

This heading might seem a little cliche, but that is not the point here. Suppose you get lots of registrations then what? Is the in-person event attendees’ experience over? I don’t think so. As this is the start of the journey. Now when we said QR-based e-tickets will come into the game. With the professional in-person event platform and tools, you have to smooth the procedure. By using the zapping machine (a machine to scan the QR). you can smooth the whole process. 

Moreover, in an in-person event, it is hard to expect that everyone will be pre-registered. So, you have set up an on-spot registration desk. As we discussed above with WhatsApp for an event registration you still will be able to fast this process without using pen and paper in the game. Just send the registration link and they will finish the registration in just a few seconds easily. This is how the overall process will be seamless.

At last, you will get contact details for sending them feedback as well as for future reference. This is our time, thank you for reading. 

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