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In what way does PEMF therapy work? 

by Uneeb Khan
PEMF Therapy

How does PEMF therapy work? People frequently ask this question to PEMF experts and it is an interesting one to answer. It is quite remarkable how PEMF equipment works. In order to reap the most benefits from PEMF, we must first understand the basics of how it works. 

PEMF therapy can help patients maintain energy and vitality after long work days, athletic performances, or stressful situations. 

Through the use of specialized equipment that sends direct pulsed energy waves into the body’s natural magnetic field, PEMF aims to improve a patient’s overall well-being. It works by agitating the electrolytes and ions in the body’s fluids and tissues to recharge the user at the cellular level.

What is the mechanism of PEMF?

It takes a lot of effort to keep our body’s trillions of cells healthy. In order for our cells to function properly, they require assistance. The cells in our bodies become less efficient as we age, and this can be seen in how we feel, such as tiredness, achiness, stuffiness, and pain. In order to function properly, they require a steady supply of ATP. Our cells necessitate active intervention. That is what the iMRS Prime medical device does. Here’s what you need to know. 

PEMF therapy works by stimulating our body’s cells to produce more energy. More energy allows our cells to function more efficiently.  

The iMRS is the world’s only home PEMF system that allows you to choose between two scientifically tested and proven frequency waveforms: the sawtooth pulse and the square pulse. 

The iMRS is the world’s only home-use PEMF system with a built-in, non-insulated copper coil design that allows for a gradual increase in intensity across the whole-body mat from head to toe. In this feature, you can record the earth’s magnetic field and then process it the same way humans do naturally. 

Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Let’s take a look at the most dependable PEMF device. 

iMRS Prime Medical Device

Since 1996, the iMRS product family has been manufactured, and the current version represents the 5th generation and is still the world’s best-selling PEMF system for home use! The  iMRS Prime Expert Set comes with these features and is available to buy now :

  • iMRS Prime Control Panel
  • iMRS prime connector box
  • Exagon Applicator Mat
  • Exagon Applicator Pad
  • Exagon Applicator Spot
  • Exagon FIR
  • Exagon Sense 
  • Software Tools 

You can start using this equipment right away with quick start programs, pre-programmed applications, split functionality for using two PEMF systems at the same time, light, sound, and color brainwave entrainment, advanced biofeedback for HRV recording, hybrid operation capabilities so that PEMF and FIR can be used at the same time, and a trial version that you can use for scientific research and reproduction. 

The most important thing you can do with low-level PEMF therapy is to make it a daily habit. As a result, you can help protect yourself from the high-frequency signals that surround you on a daily basis. The more you use PEMF therapy, the better your cells will feel. 

Moreover, it provides significant benefits to the entire family’s well-being. These advantages include increased energy levels, faster recovery from exercise, illness, or injury, and even a better physical appearance.


Based on the applicable guidelines for the production and sale of medical devices, iMRS Prime meets all standards and legal requirements for product safety, application technology, and quality management, so it is officially recognized worldwide. If you are serious about purchasing a PEMF device, our recommendation is that you do more research on PEMF devices and speak to a PEMF expert prior to purchase.

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