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Intern Insurance: How to buy intern insurance?

by Uneeb Khan

Have you ever heard of intern insurance? If your company already has students on its staff or intends to hire professionals at the beginning of their careers, it is essential to find out about the policy.

This type of work is very important for both parties involved. On the one hand, young people have the opportunity to enter the job market, develop their skills and gain experience. On the other hand, organizations that are looking for new talent can find young people with the potential to make a difference in business.

However, in the same way that there is a formality to be fulfilled in order to hire employees, the hiring of students must follow the specific rules for this case . Thus, the company avoids legal complications that may end up causing unnecessary damage.

For this reason, in this article, we will deal with intern insurance, its characteristics, how it works and how to hire it. In addition, we will also address what the law says on the subject. Follow!

What is Intern Insurance?

It is a policy that aims to protect interns, guaranteeing compensation to these professionals in cases of loss and damage due to personal accidents at work or outside the corporate environment .

As much as companies respect protocols, are concerned about safety at work and invest in prevention, unforeseen events with employees can always happen. In addition, in everyday life, people are also subject to incidents that can have more or less serious consequences.

This is why intern insurance is so important: the aim is for young people to be protected against fortuitous events that could cause serious damage 24 hours a day – not just at work.

Thus, in order to minimize the damage suffered, the policy ensures indemnification to the intern and the beneficiaries, in case he suffers any type of accident that results in serious illness, disability or death .

What does the Internship Law say? 

A better known as the Internship Law , provides for the professional activity carried out by students, determining their rights and duties, as well as those of the educational institution and contracting companies.

The purpose of the legislation is to regulate the internship and reiterate that it is not a normal employment relationship, therefore, it is not governed by the Consolidation of Labor Laws. Thus, the law describes the roles of each one involved, reinforcing the fact that it is a professional activity of an educational nature .

Its importance also lies in ensuring that the intern’s rights are fulfilled. However, it also brings benefits to the employer who, based on the established rules, can carry out a contract based on the necessary procedures and the benefits that must be granted.

In this sense, the Internship Law determines, for example, the limitation of these professionals’ workload, which varies according to their level of study. In addition, the regulation also imposes that the workday be reduced in evaluation periods and that interns are entitled to paid vacation of 30 days every 12 months worked.

Is intern insurance mandatory?

Another crucial point of Law No. 11,788, which regulates the internship activity and describes the rights and duties of the student, the contractor and the educational institution, is precisely what deals with insurance for interns.

According to the norm, the granting party (company that hires the professional) has the obligation to take out life insurance against personal accidents in favor of its interns. However, the legislation does not stipulate the value of the policy, but Art. 9, paragraph IV states that it must be compatible with market values.

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