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Internet: The Best Tool to Learn English for Students

by Uneeb Khan

We all have a new year resolution every year on New Year’s Day. It does not matter what was your new year’s resolution this new year. Most probably it did not involve staying at home all day watching movies, tv shows, web series, etc. For many of us, we have new plans old ones have changed – and now we all are looking for something new to do. Where all schools and language academies all over the world have closed their doors, but there is the good news and that is – we all are still ready to teach ourselves something new!

When every language institute has closed its doors to walk in and learn. Is there any way to learn any language or give our hobby a chance? We can learn online; in this period, we have developed a new learning skill which is to learn online. There are six benefits of learning English online that you may not have thought about before.

1. You can learn from the comfort of your sofa

We have never seen a student coming to his/her classroom or language institute in their pajamas. But now that is actually an option if you are taking an online class! That’s correct, one of the biggest benefits of learning English online is that you can learn English language from the comfort of your home.

We recommend you spend some time creating a study space at home that motivates you for studying. For example, you can choose to sit where you feel very comfortable and choose any cozy corner in your home. Put on some of your favorite music.

Certainly, you’re this “classroom” might feel a little empty – but you don’t need to worry, you will still be able to have conversations with your teacher and other students in your class. Actually, many students find they talk to their classmates more than usual once they start conversations online, it becomes a very interesting habit.

2. You can use several resources at the same time

By definition, online classes are spent in front of a computer, tablet, and laptop, but the interesting part is there are plenty of ways to take advantage of this. For example, you can Google when your teacher mentions a name, a place or an expression that you have not heard to find out more. You can have several tabs open and look at images and videos of a topic to help you remember it better. There are many interesting things to do you can look up definitions, synonyms, and grammar rules anytime during a class.

There are many online tools you can take advantage of such as:

Wikipedia, allows you to find out more about a topic and read about it in more than one language

Using several resources is one of the great ways to boost the efficacy of learning and is one of the most important benefits of learning English online.

3. You can improve all four skills

There are plenty of ways of practicing and improving your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills online.


With the help of video and audio call chats, you can enjoy live conversations with your friends and improve your spoken English part, it is just as you would in a physical classroom. I would recommend setting up an English conversation with your classmates on popular video conferencing apps like Zoom or Google duo.

You can record and send voice messages also to your friends on apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This gives you the advantage of listening back to your words, analyzing what you had said (to whomsoever it may be concerned), and seeing what points you need to improve in. You have to focus on listening actively. I am going to elaborate it in the next point.


You can practice listening to English by watching videos on YouTube, Spotify, etc., or listening to podcasts. Remember that you take complete advantage of the subtitles or transcripts on these applications because these can help you identify new words easily and make the parts of the videos clear that you don’t understand.


Improving your reading and working on your vocabulary could not be easier with the articles and eBooks that are available online. Explore Awal’s blogs for a number of interesting articles and look online for subjects that interest you.

Also, keep a track of new words and collect interesting idioms or phrases to use from the podcasts available on this website.


Writing is easy, – you can write mini-essays or topics of any sort. For writing, you can just do a better practice that is writing whatever you read from a novel or a book. This will not only help you with your writing part but also help you learn whatsoever you read.

These small practices are the only thing that you require to learn English. Apart from that, there is only one thing that can be a major factor which is exposure to the language. Use English in your day-to-day life to see the results.

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