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Is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (5G) Good in 2023

by Uneeb Khan

No one can argue that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (5G) is a great smartphone. However, the main question is whether it’s a great option in the year 2023. This is because it’s been almost a full 2 years since the release of this phone, and we all know how after such a long time, every smartphone starts to lose its touch.

That’s why in this article, we’ll be discussing some of the features that may or may not affect your decision to buy the S21 Ultra in 2023. So, here are the topics that we’ll cover:

  • 3 factors to understand for S21 Ultra in 2023
  • Is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (5G) still a good option

Let’s start by discussing some of the factors that you should be aware of before buying such a device.

3 Factors to Understand for S21 Ultra in 2023

It’s no doubt that after 2 years, each and every used mobile sees some sort of issues, and the same is also true for the S21 Ultra, which was the best Android smartphone at the time of its release. 

A few months back, I used this very smartphone, and out of all of the Samsung mobile phones (at the time), I liked this one the most. However, the main question still remains. Is it okay for 2023? To understand this question, we’ll need to understand what the device is capable of.

1. Performance

When it comes to the performance of the smartphone, the S21 Ultra features 2 chipsets (depending on which variant you buy). If you’re using a Korean version, then the phone will come with an Exynos 2100, but the US variant will come with the Snapdragon 888 5G. 

Both of these chipsets are amazing when it comes to performance. I used the device quite heavily when I had it. I used the device as much as I came by playing games, watching videos, and would do as many processor-intensive tasks as possible.

The last game that I played on the smartphone was COD (Call of Duty). I played the game for several hours, and for as long as I played the game, I never saw any issues with the device. Granted, it was a few months back, but I still think that the phone won’t be lacking in any aspect of its performance because it comes with an octa-core processor and the Mali-G78 GPU.

Additionally, it also features multiple storage options ranging from 128GB to 512GB, but you won’t be able to expand it because there is no dedicated memory card slot.

2. Display

The next thing that needs to look out for in a used mobile, or even a brand-new one, is its display. This is because it’s the main interaction panel by which you give and receive information. It comes with a 6.8 inches display with approximately 89.8% screen-to-body ratio. 

Plus, it comes with a 1440 x 3200 resolution which is ideal when it comes to watching movies or playing video games. I’ve bought many new and used Samsung mobile phones, but this has the best display. When we talk about protection, it comes with scratch-resistant glass with an oleophobic coating making it ideal if you’re a bit of a rough user. It also comes with IP68 dust resistance, so you won’t have to worry about getting it a little bit wet.

3. Battery

It’s widely known that a phone, after a few years, starts to lose its capability to hold a charge, but why is that? This is because a phone has gone through a number of charge cycles that affects the overall health of the battery.

According to Apple, if a used iPhone has gone through 500 charge cycles, the battery health will drop to 80%. This is still an accepted percentage, but any lower than that won’t be very useful because the battery health will only last a few hours.

Since this phone has been almost 2 years, if you go with a used Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (5G), then there is a high likelihood that the phone is gone through these charge cycles. But if you go with a new option or simply approach a trusted smartphone vendor like Wise Market, you’ll most likely get the best smartphone with the best battery health.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (5G) Still Good 

Now you might’ve guessed through all of the points above that I think that it’s still a good option. Other than all of these aspects, It also features an amazing camera setup that is comparable to the like of a used iPhone 12 Pro Max.

I’m saying all of this with all of my personal experience with the S21 Ultra. I bought the phone from a company called Wise Market Pakistan. At first, I didn’t know if I could trust the company or not, but the phone that they sent me was truly something amazing. 

About a month or so, I also bought the used Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the device that they sent me is basically a new one with a price tag of a used smartphone. Plus, I also bought a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, which are some of the earbuds on the marketplace. Not only does it provide one of the best sound experiences, but it also gives a long-lasting battery.

So, don’t overthink it and check out Wise Market Pakistan to get the best prices for the best devices.

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