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Keep Employee Turnover Under Control with Online Time and Attendance Software

by Uneeb Khan

Retaining your top-performing employees is key to consistent business operations and ensuring that there are no breaks or gaps in customer service. Employee turnover also increases training costs and time wasted constantly having to train new employees. Online time and attendance software is one tool available to help businesses keep their employee turnover under control.

Here are the top reasons why timesheet management software can help reduce employee turnover.

Better Employee / Management Relationships

Employees do not like to be micromanaged. When they feel like a manager is constantly looking over their shoulder, this can cause resentment and often leads to the employee moving on to another job. By using online employee time clock software, this sets the right expectations about scheduled hours, overtime, breaks, and time off. Properly set expectations help build trust in the relationship, and employees do not feel like they are constantly being watched over.

The online time clock software also allows employees to demonstrate to management exactly what tasks they are working on. No more report gathering or trying to tell their manager how they spent their day.  The online timesheet software can show at the detailed task level exactly what work the employee has completed, thus showcasing their accomplishments to their manager. This empowers the employee and makes them feel proud of the work they have accomplished.

More Sense of Accomplishment

In addition to showcasing their accomplishments to management, an online timecard system also allows the employees themselves to see the work they have completed. Instead of simply spending 8 hours working on a project, an employee can see each task they have completed throughout the day. This creates a great sense of accomplishment in the employee and makes them ready to tackle the challenges of the next day.

Instant Notification of Schedule Changes

Whether you create schedules every week or every two weeks, changes are bound to occur after the schedule has been posted. Someone needs off on a day they are scheduled to work, or they need to work during the evening instead of the morning. With manual scheduling, employees are not made aware of these changes until they come in and see the schedule. However, with online time and attendance software, every employee can be pushed notifications of changes with the click of a button.

Nearly everyone has a smartphone today, and your software can push notifications instantly to every employee whenever a change to the schedule is made. Employees can no longer use the excuse of not knowing about schedule changes as a reason for not showing up for work. More informed employees are more likely to remain in their role for a longer period of time as they do not feel as though they are being constantly surprised each time they come in.

Free Up Time to Be a Better Manager

Better management certainly helps retain employees, and online employee time tracking software will allow you additional time to become a better manager. By using this software, the manager must no longer manually create schedules and spend time reconciling timesheets. This frees up the manager’s time to focus on other items such as listening to employee concerns and making the workplace a better environment. With managers spending more time on these items, the workplace becomes more enjoyable and employees stay longer and give more effort while at work.

Maintaining low employee turnover is key to managing expenses and keeping customer satisfaction high.  There are many ways to manage employee turnover, but online time and attendance software is a quick and easy solution that can keep turnover under control. Consider implementing this solution today!

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