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What are some of the best known facts for snacking?

by Uneeb Khan

Why are snacks so popular globally?

Snacks have been part and parcel of all the cultures around the world. They help a great deal to calm down the in between meal cravings. On an average, a human being will snack at least once a day. The science that goes behind snacking is that after a few hrs of the meal our stomach starts to growl. لعبة ليدو الحقيقية Other probable reasons behind snacking are craving about a certain taste and low energy levels. Just like any other thing, snacks also have positive as well as negative impacts on your lifestyle. Depending upon what your snack intake and how much it is, snacking can lead to both weight gain and weight.

Benefits of Snacking:-.

Helps you get an increase in the energy level as increases the level of glucose in the blood. العب واربح المال الحقيقي

Prevents you from overeating as it manages the appetite level as per the next meal.

If your snacking includes snacks like fruits and nuts, then of course you will get numerous health benefits from snacking.

It helps a great deal to keep your appetite full, especially when you are sick and cannot have full meals.

What is power snacking?

This term comprises the fact that just like your meals, you can also plan your snacks. It has got four important parameters namely when, why, what and how much.


If you want to practise power snacking, it’s very important that you maintain a proper schedule of when to do snacking. In this way, your body will get used to snacking in a certain useful. محفظة باي بال pattern suitable for the body.


This is extremely important as this determines how much and how many times you are snacking. When you are snacking ask yourself if you are actually hungry or are you just eating because you are experiencing a turmoil of emotions.


Now as mentioned earlier snacking can be both good or bad depending upon what you are eating during snacking. If you are indulging into healthy snacking such as nuts and fruits, then snacking will be extremely helpful. However, at the same time if you choose to snack on junk food, then it will only add to your weight. An ideal snack is the one that is both enjoyable and fills your stomach.

How much:-

Depending upon how many calories your body needs in the form of snacking, you can decide the quantity of snacks you want to intake on a daily basis.As a thumb rule you can aim anywhere between 150-200 kcal.

Some of the best snacks for every season are:-

There is no fixed season for snacking, hence you can snack all throughout the year. Some of the best snacks that you can munch on all throughout the year are:-

  • Fun pop tangy masala
  • Tana tan mast masala
  • Fun Scoops
  • Fun pop pasta
  • Woogly
  • Fun pop pudina masala
  • Tana tan tangy tomato
  • Fun pop khatta meetha
  • Fun alphabets
  • Fun Scoops
  • Fun Chilly tomato
  • Fun pop chow mein

About the manufacturer:-

The above mentioned snacks are manufactured by one of the most popular snack manufacturers in North India named as Kiwi Foods. The brand name Kiwi Foods has been a key contributor in the FMCG industry over the last many decades. They are located in Ghaziabad and are known all over the country for manufacturing amazing snacks, candies and confectionery. Kiwi foods, being one of the prime snack manufacturers of India is also into chips and confectionery manufacturing and are known for their ethical and safe manufacturing practices.


So, now you have various ways of going ahead and enjoying a healthy snacking using the snacks by the key snack manufacturer of India.

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