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Development Strategy of The Specialty Laparoscopy as A New Approach

by Uneeb Khan
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Development Strategy of The Specialty

In recent decades, there have been such significant changes in the field of general surgery. And that they make it necessary to reflect in depth on whether the current training programs for residents. And the development strategy of the specialty in our country are appropriate. These cover areas as dissimilar. Laparoscopic Trainer Box.

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Surgical Indications

The appearance of more effective and less bloody therapeutics than surgery. This is to treat diseases that were frequent in our departments. While surgical indications are increasing in others. Laparoscopic Trainer Box.

Organ Transplants

The growing development of organ transplants that demand an increasing participation of the general surgeon. That in the different phases of the process and therefore a greater knowledge about it.

Reducing Morbidity and Mortality

The excellent results achieved in reducing morbidity and mortality in pathologies that require complex surgeries.

Multidisciplinary Work

With the centralization and regionalization of surgical treatment through multidisciplinary work groups dedicated exclusively to them. Laparoscopic Trainer Box.

New Technologies

The incorporation of new technologies that have banished old paradigms of surgery (immovable for more than half a century). As has happened with laparoscopic surgery.

Analysis, Achievements and Difficulties

Of all of them, the one that has had the greatest relevance has been the introduction of laparoscopic surgery. So, in this article we intend to carry out an analysis of the achievements, difficulties, and prospects of this technology in our country. Based on the experience gained with the use of this technique. During 13 years of work in the general surgery service of a provincial hospital. While reviewing the international literature on this topic. Laparoscopic Trainer Box.

Historical Review

Laparoscopic surgery began in on November 18, 1991 at the Hospital, where the first video laparoscopic cholecystectomy performs. (Pioneer of laparoscopic surgery) who had received training from surgeons.

In 1996, during the special period and despite the severe economic restrictions that the country was facing at that time. The highest leadership of the government allocated the necessary resources to be able to equip with this technology (almost simultaneously). All the provincial teaching hospitals in highest level. The training of surgeons who would begin to use these techniques in the different provinces also training was carries out.

Main Controversies

Laparoscopic surgery in its beginnings brought with it in most countries of the world. Along with its undeniable benefits, great controversies and disquisitions that reached extremes. On the one hand, its total rejection. (Supported by the high rates of iatrogenesis caused by to the inadequate preparation of surgeons in their learning curve. And on the other, to idealistic attitudes that saw it as the magical emergence of a new specialty. Laparoscopic Trainer Box.

Laparoscopy A New Approach

However, the experience obtained in more than two decades of work has confirmed that laparoscopic surgery is not a specialty. But rather a new approach that constitutes an excellent work tool not only for general surgeons. Also, for all surgical specialties, which currently benefit from minimally invasive surgery.

Both Techniques Appropriate

Nor is the initial concept that it competes with open surgery accepted. On the contrary, both complement each other. Because the main thing for the surgeon is the patient and the disease that he must treat. And he will do it with the technique that proves to be the most of those that he possesses. It does not matter if it is one or the other technique, or at the same time.


As new instruments and equipment gradually designs to make it more efficient and safer. The surgeon will be able to address increasingly complex diseases. (Which currently only operates using the traditional approach or with its assistance). And thus, be able to perform the surgical intervention with less aggression to patients.

At present, those who master both techniques are in better conditions to carry out their work than those who only have one of them as a tool.

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