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Learn About Honkai: Star Rail Penacony

by Zeeshan Khan

Penacony is an explorable area coming in Honkai: Star Rail 2.0. Once a penal colony, this is the setting for a new adventure.

If you’re looking for Star Rail top up, U7Buy has what you need: best deals, safe transactions, and fast deliveries! Honkai: Star Rail players are looking forward to the next big game patch. We are talking about version 2.0. All the details have not been fully revealed at this point. However, we have insights and leaks about the new game area, Penacony.

How Does Penacony Fit Into the Honkai: Star Rail Lore

We know it by the name Penacony, but this fourth world also goes by the Planet of Festivities designation. It is located in the Asdana star system. The faction known as the Family has made a home here. The name Penacony seems to be short for penal colony. If you’ve made this guess, you are right. The entire planet served as a place of detention for the Interastral Peace Corporation. The purpose was to recover the memory bubbles. They were needed in the Garden of Recollection to prevent something bad from taking place. Time passed and the prison became more and more secluded. However, the people were connected by the means of dreaming. The governing body could no longer control the place due to a Stellaron corrosion. The people who lived on Penacony went to Xipe. They became what we now call the Family. The face of the planet changed. The barren wasteland turned into a big city. Buildings were erected and the old prison infrastructure was modified to connect the facilities of the new city. One particularly interesting event is linked to a banquet. The Family invited the Everflame Mansion faction to Penacony for a celebration. However, the Everflame leader only accepted the invitation with the intention to take over this planet. The Family invited other factions and organizations to join for this banquet. This is where our story begins.

New Honkai: Star Rail Penacony Areas and Characters Coming in Version 2.0

Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0 should go live on February 7th. We expect to have more info and details on Penacony in the upcoming days. Until then, check U7Buy if you want to see more offers and promo deals! Four new Honkai: Star Rail hubs within Penacony have leaked. First and foremost, we have the Reverie Hotel. This is the main region on the planet. Aptly named, the place allows visitors to treat themselves with the most amazing dreams. The Moment of Stars is another new location. This is an arena. Be careful to not get lost in the tunnels of the Moment of Daybreak. The Moment of Scorchsand has wide plains. Misha is among the playable characters that join the Honkai: Star Rail roster come Version 2.0. He is a Penacony native working as a bellboy at the Reverie Hotel. Misha’s path is Destruction with Ice as his combat type. Next up, we have four new NPCs. On Penacony, we will meet Sunday, Firefly, Gallagher, and Robin. They will play a part in the story. New content also includes a new boss and two new relic sets.

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