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Learning about Vedic Astrology and how it relates to Gemstones

by Uneeb Khan

Astrology has been the science of the movements, relative locations, and effects on the human destiny of the celestial bodies as they travel through the sky. Many people believe that Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish, is the eye of a Veda and is the “Science of Light.” It is a long-established branch of astrology that dates back thousands of years. The constellations’ current positions, or the sidereal system, serve as the foundation for Vedic astrology. Compared to western astrology, which uses the tropical system, or a set astronomical chart of such stars as they appeared about 0 AD, this made it more predictive.

Every stage of a person’s life is impact by the energies of the nine planets. They have the power to have either a beneficial or negative effect on a person’s life. The grahas are highly empower to bring misfortune into someone’s life when they are active during their das or periodicities. Examples of these include accidents, financial difficulties, depression, failed marriages, legal disputes, etc. The detrimental consequences of a person’s karmic map can overcome with ease. 

Mother Nature herself has offered this remedy in the form of gemstones. And such certified gemstones online India help individuals with the removal of various negative impacts on their lives.

Here are some of the facts about gemstones

  • In the million years, it has taken for them to form, gemstones have been infused with remarkable positive energies from the Earth’s surface and depths, including the oceans. 
  • When used as gemstone remedies to create the necessary balance and adjustments, the crystalized structure of a gemstone alters the power of the planets. 
  • They also aid the individual in maximizing the advantages of a planet that is in a fortunate position.
  • Each gemstone has a different vibration due to its unique composition, which enables it to only be able to utilize the effects of one specific planet (s). 
  • As a result, each planet is linked to a special stone. For instance, Yellow Gemstone is for Jupiter while Blue Sapphire is really for Saturn.
  • Not every gemstone connected to a given planet would be able to offer the same advantages. 
  • For instance, the planet Saturn is connected to both amethyst and blue sapphire. 
  • However, Blue Sapphire is advised since it possesses the most power, i.e., the capacity to capture and transform Saturn’s energy. Amethyst is also referred to as a replacement for this reason.

When purchasing a gems stone for astrological use, several considerations must made. Because they may have an impact on the gemstone’s power. Astrological gemstones must be entirely pure and natural, that is, untreated, unheated, and devoid of glass. An astrological stone needs to be the right weight and the right size for wear ability. 

The gemstone must have a medium saturation, pure hue, appealing tone, and the correct color intensity. The gemstone must have minimal inclusions and good clarity. A good origin is essential for astrological stones because it greatly affects their quality and power. For the best results, astrological gemstones must also worn according to the correct protocol.

Each astrological stone has a favored metal, day, hour, finger, and mantra attached to it. Astrological gemstones also require adequate energization and activation.

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