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Learning app that can be used on GIGA terminals

by Uneeb Khan
A+ certification training

Digital Knowledge of A+ certification training began offering learning apps for elementary, junior high, and high schools on April 28, 2022. A dedicated software coordinator will propose a learning app suitable for each school. We are also looking for a demonstration experiment school.

Even if ICT equipment is available according to the A+ certification training concept, if there is no software, it is not used, or it is not easy to use, it will not be possible to achieve results. To master ICT terminals, we need a system that teachers and students can easily use.

Digital Knowledge is for elementary school students

Digital Knowledge is for elementary school students, active learning support system “Click”, teaching material creation support tool for English 4 skills “Torepa”, elementary school English on-demand teaching material “mpi English program extensive reading/writing”, learning It provides learning apps such as the management system “Knowledge Deli (ASP version e-learning)”.

 For junior high schools, in addition to “Clica,” “Teresa,” and “Knowledge Deli,” we also offer an on-demand teaching material service for remote learning, “StudyPad Light Edition.” “StudyPad Light Edition” is equippe with more than 1,000 video teaching materials and a function that can centrally manage the learning history of each student.

You can reach academic ability from a basic review

For high school, in addition to “Click”, “Teresa”, and “Knowledge Deli”, a video curriculum. “MyGAK” is rational and efficiently structured so that you can reach. The academic ability from a basic review of junior high school to university entrance exam level Provided. “MyGAK” is compose base on the know-how and data of the preparatory school and its achievements. Gakken’s learning and examination materials, and has a lineup. 3 major high school subjects (8 subjects).

 In addition, Network+ Certification training is looking for teachers and educational institutions. And boards of education that can conduct demonstration experiment classes. So for learning apps for elementary, junior high, and high schools. Seminars and briefings will hold individually for each group.

Each event invites guests to listen to the story

ICT CONNECT 21 will hold an online salon “2nd Wednesday Salon with Chairman Akahori” on May 11, 2022. The guests are Mr. Masashi Nukui, his chief producer at NHK Digital Center, and Mr. Daisuke Wakayama, his chief producer at NHK Radio 1 Production Center.

ICT CONNECT 21 holds a “Wednesday Salon” as a place to interact with Chairman Kanji Akahori. We will set a theme for each event and invite guests to listen to the story. After that, a casual exchange of opinions and a talk session will hold, including Chairman Akahori.

The theme of the 11th (26th in total) is “About practical information moral education. In the age of one terminal per person”. In the age of one-by-one terminals, how think about information ethics has become a major issue. Therefore, this time, we will ask you to explain the latest efforts in the NHK for School. NHK digital, and educational genres, and the future of the era of individual terminals. Apply until May 9th. People who are not members of ICT CONNECT 21 can also participate.

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