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Logistic Service App by Clickoot in Pakistan

by Uneeb Khan
Data entry services provider

If you are looking for a logistics service app in Pakistan, you have come to the right place. There are many apps available for you to choose from. However, before you select one, it is important that you are aware of the features and price. Below we will discuss about the Logistic service app by Clickoot.

Logistic service  

If you are a part-time or temporary employee, you may want to consider Clickoot’s Logistic service app. This app allows you to manage multiple orders and get real-time alerts. The application also lets you compare and manage objects. It also supports partial order fulfillment.

The app can help your business streamline its processes and increase productivity. Traditional logistics businesses have a lot of paperwork to deal with, so integrating an app into your business can eliminate a lot of it. Plus, the Logistics service app can make you more accessible to your clients. This means you can provide more accurate deliveries and updates to your clients.


Using a logistics service app is a smart way to make your life easier and save money while delivering goods. Clickoot provides an easy-to-use app that offers real-time alerts and allows you to manage multiple orders at the same time. The app has many features and has several sections for you to manage. You can track your orders from the time they are placed to the moment they are delivered. The app also allows you to compare different objects, which makes it convenient to manage multiple orders at once.

Courier and Parcal 

Clickoot rider app offers an integrated and innovative user experience for couriers. The app’s customized features and streamlined order management process bridge the gap between brand and satisfied customer. Clickoot also helps customers become industry leaders by providing a comprehensive set of customization tools.

Courier companies deliver packages and documents, as well as mail and other items. Most of these companies are privately owned and offer their services seven days a week. Logistics service app  Some even offer 24-hour services. Many of them also offer next-day and same-day delivery options. Others offer international package delivery. Some are priced more reasonably than others. To help you decide which courier service is best for you, clickoot offers a variety of tracking options.

Admin dashboard

The admin panel is the backbone of a courier and parcal service app. It allows the business owner to manage customers, drivers, and deliveries. From this dashboard, he can monitor all order details, intervene on failed deliveries, and manage payments and delivered orders. He can also monitor the performance of each courier.

The app is loaded with features and enabled tools to facilitate easy management. Logistics service app It provides a complete overview of a courier’s business, including delivery status, vendor details, and the estimated time of approval. It also provides an option for the customer to reschedule or return the order and allows the user to set the payment method and location.

Rider app

Clickoot’s rider app for courier and parcal businesses has been designed to make delivery and courier tasks easier and more efficient. Using the app, businesses can assign tasks to their drivers and receive real-time visibility of their riders. Logistics service app also lets riders view the details of the orders they are assigned and navigate to their recommended routes.

The app is backed by a web backend, which allows riders to see all available jobs and accept or decline them as needed. It also includes a wallet, which enables riders to keep track of jobs they have completed.


Security is a key consideration for the post and parcel industry. The rapid expansion and ever-changing nature of the sector means that businesses must rigorously train their delivery personnel and apply controls to minimise the risk of theft and unauthorised access to their data. Supply chains can be complex and difficult to secure, with multiple points of vulnerability.

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