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What Are The Main Features Of Expressive And Academic Text?

by Uneeb Khan

It is significant to deliver your meaning with clarity when it comes to dealing with two text types as expressive and academic. In this way, it will be understandable by your teachers and readers irrespective of the fact whether their native language is English or not. Academic writing in English is kind of linear. It means that the whole text is centred toward a common point. Each part of the content supports the main point of the context with digression and repetition. In contrast, expressive text and writing are inclined toward informal writing tasks. As a student of a higher class, you should be aware of these two text types. Therefore, this article aims to main features of expressive and academic text

What is Meant by Expressive Text?

One of the types of text, expressive essay, refers to poetry and narrative language. Furthermore, the use of metaphor is counted as an expressive text. The use of expressive text is very common in research works which aim to represent feelings. Also, it can be used to vibrantly present the meaning of a particular term. The use of this text type works well to grasp the attention of a reader. 

You can go for an expressive text whenever you have to add comments and a personal point of view. In research work, it is very common to provide support to different claims. In this regard, you can convince the reader in an effective way. 

You can find expressive text in research work related to psychology and social sciences. For example, you get a task that aims to persuade the reader about a particular aspect of research. In this regard, you are supposed to persuade the reader with logical and authentic information. Expressive text can increase the beauty of discussion in the short or long term based on the topic of discussion. 


  • Narratives 
  • Poems 
  • Personal commentaries
  • Blogs 

What is Meant by Academic Text? 

Academic text is critical, well-researched, and specialized writings produced by professionals or subject specialists in a certain discipline. Academic text has a formal tone and avoids a colloquial style of writing. In academic text, researchers keep a check on their biases and do not convey their personal opinions or feelings about an issue. The authors try to be as objective as possible by critically evaluating the issue at hand and the available literature on the issue. It always has a special focus, clarity, and accuracy. The texts consist of a well-defined structure and have a third-person account. They are factual and supported by ample evidence. Academic literature typically discusses a topic or offers solutions to a particular problem in a subject. The primary goal of academic text is to increase the reader’s knowledge about a particular subject.

However, it does not necessarily entail that academic text is objective and establishes certain truths always. After all, there is a chance of human error and biasness that seeps into the text. Every discourse is marked by the pre-conceived notions of human beings, such as culture, political ideology and nationalist outlooks, but the important thing is that academic texts do not blatantly make assertions without logically supporting them with data and evidence. These texts aim to contribute to the creation of knowledge and make efforts to arrive at objective truths. 

The following texts count as academic:

  • Academic Books
  • Academic articles and research reports
  • Case Studies
  • Dissertations and thesis
  • Conference papers 
  • Research Proposals
  • Feasibility Studies

What are the main Features of Expressive Text?

Following are the main features of expressive text:

  • The first feature of the expressive text is the focus. In the case of this feature, it is necessary to know about its importance and incorporate it in writing effectively. The focus of the expressive text is on a writer, and there is no second option in it. So, you should be careful about its right use.
  • The second main feature is the purpose of the expressive text. If you make any mistake in this feature, you will surely lose the strength of writing. In this situation, you have to think if the purpose of an expressive text is about emotions or thoughts. Both of these contexts are different and set a different base of discussion.
  • Furthermore, subjective language is counted as one of the features of an expressive text. It refers to the use of first-person pronouns. The use of subjective language reinforces the meaning of text and creates a strong impact on the mind of reader. 
  • The most interesting feature to learn is the style of writing. It can be informal, colloquial or off-colour based on the topic and problem of discussion. 

If you are not good at selecting the best suitable style of expressive text, you should surely consult with experienced writers. In this regard, you can go for an essay writing service. 

What are the main Features of Academic Text?

You must have knowledge about the different features of the academic text. You should know about the basic features of this text to make a clear interpretation of discussion. We present here some characteristics and features of the academic text.

Academic text is more complex than other forms of writing. It has longer and more difficult words and is denser. It makes use of varied vocabulary.

Academic writing is formal, which means that you should avoid the use of colloquial words and expressions.

The provision of the fact and figures should be precise.

Academic text is usually of objective nature, which infers that the major enforcement should be on information. It is the responsibility of the writer to provide a clear interpretation of this text. Academic writing has to be explicit.

Accuracy is another requirement of this text. You should make use of accurate vocabulary. You have to make a decision about your argument in your academic text and provide evidence and support you make in academic writing. Academic writing should be well organized and planned for a clear interpretation of the academic text. 


The above-mentioned points can help you understand and use academic as well as expressive text. By getting the definition and examples of each text, you can lay down a strong base. After that, you are supposed to work on its features. That is how you can meet the right end of any assigned task. Good luck!

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