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Make your marketing automation more intelligent with AI | Articles | Big Data

by Ahsan Khan

Make your marketing automation more intelligent with AI

AI has the potential to vastly increase your company’s number of leads, conversions and enhance marketing strategies exponentially. To accomplish all of those goals you should check out Youtubestorm services, which will help you to establish your online presence effectively.

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If you’re not producing content, sending email newsletters, and engaging your audience on social media, then you’re missing out on some great marketing opportunities. Marketing used to be about catchy slogans, but now, it has many moving parts. In order to make it a backbone of your business, you need to stay on top of your game 24/7.

Employing a dedicated team of marketing professionals is one way to tackle this challenge, but it’s also a good way to spend more money than your business can possibly earn. Attention-grabbing marketing pays off even when it’s awfully expensive, but there are easier (and less costly) ways to grab your audiences’ attention on time and budget.

This is where automation comes into play

80%of businesses using marketing automation saw an increase in the number of leads. While 77% had an increase in conversions, 91% agree this approach is key to success.

Pair your marketing strategies with AI and what you get is an unstoppable machine.

Lead generation and nurturing

One of the major reasons why 5–10% of your leads fail to convert is because they are not as interested in making a purchase as you think.

Successful lead generation relies on an audience targeting to do its job thoroughly and without any miscalculations. This is virtually impossible to do manually but with AI, acquiring qualified leads is not only possible – it’s also easy.

AI can compare your current customer base and satisfaction rates with prospective buyers and create a list of leads that are waiting to convert. And in case they need convincing, AI can help you with that too.

Since email is the most effective marketing strategy at this part of the sales funnel, most automation efforts should be focused on sending blasts and personalizing copies. Various email automation tools use AI to generate new leads from different online databases and segment them based on their converting potential.

If they are one step away from conversion, AI will email them a CTA, if they need to be pampered, it’ll send them a personalized offer along with a discount code. The only thing you need to do is train the tool.

10x content that converts every time

Of course, an email is only as effective as it is well-written. This leads us to the most important element of every marketing strategy – content.

Regardless of your approach, you’ll always need high-quality content that meets your audience’s expectations in terms of being helpful, engaging, and interesting to consume. But 10x content is extremely time-consuming.

Take a 1000-word long blog post, for instance. Not only does it require around five hours to finish, but it also demands the same amount of time for in-depth research. The immense selecting power of AI tools allows you to search the web and discover the most popular and relevant topics for your niche audience in a matter of minutes.

If only it could do your writing instead of you as well.

Though AI still cannot achieve the same level of engagement and flow in written text, it can connect you with the best content writers through AI-based platforms such as Scripted.

Very soon, AI developers will master natural language processing (NLP), which will enable AI to produce content without any human help. But for the time being, the best it can do is generate a short Facebook ad copy.

Personalization across all channels

Taken together, machine learning (ML) and NLP are changing the ways we communicate with our customers.

Take chatbots as an example. Free to design and deploy, AI-based digital assistants use ML and NLP capabilities to learn at every interaction and provide personalized answers to customer queries.

And that’s not where personalization stops. In other email marketing automation tools, AI analyzes human language through a process called sentiment analysis, thus learning about customer behavior from emails. Either way, AI boasts incredible potential when it comes to customer relationship management, especially in terms of personalization.

From custom-tailored email copies and real-time chatbot interactions to targeted ads and bespoke recommendations, AI caters to highly individual needs, pain points, and preferences.

And it does that across all channels.

Should we also mention that without AI, omnichannel marketing would hardly be possible, let alone effective? Human beings could never cover multiple channels at the same time. Most AI-powered marketing automation tools specialize exactly in delivering a consistent customer experience onsite, throughout social networks, via email, and in-app.

Insightful analytics and reports

Don’t expect your marketing campaign to start affecting your ROI right away. There’s still a long period of testing, adjusting, and improving ahead of you.

By now, we don’t have to tell you that AI can speed up this process. AI can comb through millions of possible combinations of your analytics data to produce data-driven reports with insights and recommendations.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can combine AI with online exam software solutions and generate invaluable feedback from your potential customers. The only thing you need to do is learn how to take a quiz. Once you get to know what your audience likes, needs, and expects, you can use AI marketing consultants such as Marketing Score to develop the best approach.

Other similar marketing assessment tools and intelligence engines can recommend marketing activities, resources, and tools based on your audience’s pain points.


The benefits of marketing automation are numerous. According to one report, the biggest ones include saving time, increased customer engagement, timely communications, and increased selling opportunities.

As far as business solutions go, marketing automation is a pretty intelligent one. Empower your

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