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Marketing Your Book Without Social Media

by Uneeb Khan

According to my observations, there are a variety of reasons why authors choose not to use social media. Some say they’re too elderly (which always makes me giggle), some say it’s too complicated, and some honestly don’t have the time to handle their social media accounts.

So, without it, how can you sell your books? Well, based on what I’ve observed, magic does occasionally occur. For instance, Seth Godin, whom I respect, has achieved great success despite never using social media. But since social media is a key part of your overall branding strategy, you’ll need to hone the other tools in your toolbox to fill the gap if you decide to forgo it. Also, if you are looking for book writing services in the UK, you can get the best from different online platforms.

You fear as reality sets in, remembering all the pictures and far-off high school crushes you’ll never see again. You then phone your mother, who it turns out was somehow responsible for this extensive social media erasure all along.

But disregard that. You take a moment to relax and attempt to think rationally since you know you can’t be upset at her. How can I get in touch with new readers now that social media is no longer an option?

A Perfect Author Website:

You do have a website for your books, right? If you decide to cut ties with social networking, your website serves as your resume. Consider it the one place readers can go to learn everything there is to know about you, featuring news, accolades, reviews, forthcoming publications, and your blog and marketing your book without social media.

Strengthen That Blog:

Your website’s “getting to know you” section is your blog; it’s a great platform for interaction with visitors. It presents a chance for fiction writers to expand their fan base by engaging in continual communication with readers and keeping them informed of their activities. But it’s also a fantastic tool for developing a multifaceted brand with insider knowledge, character analyses, and other imaginative components that might deepen the plot of your book or the universe you’ve imagined.

Additionally, if you write nonfiction, your blog demonstrates that you keep up with recent events and hot themes. When you approach other platforms for guest posts, interviews, and initiatives that support your development as a thought leader, your blog becomes a crucial component of your portfolio.

Remember To Read The Newsletter:

You require a newsletter if you choose the non-social method. Essential. Additionally, when you have a newsletter, you need a particularly powerful reader magnet—a motivating factor for readers to subscribe to your email. You can position yourself for prospective cross-promotions with certain other authors in your genre by developing a strong newsletter. It offers you some influence that you can utilize in negotiations.

Furthermore, I can assure you that you are not “uninteresting” enough to have a newsletter. To comprehend how absolutely feasible it is, you must get over that sensation and simply begin.

Beware Of Local Media:

Local media is a different route to take that many authors appear to ignore. Local media and bookstores are both seen as influencers, and authors adore pitching them. I adore neighborhood outreach of any type, including local media. Think about pitching your local library as well!

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Purchase Credible Influencers:

Yes, you can utilize influencers to promote your book even if you don’t use social media yourself. I know what you’re thinking. Additionally, a potential influencer partner may view you as stronger the more you establish your network off of social media. Because engagement—which is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain—is what matters now rather than enormous social media numbers, which used to seem important. It’s crucial to keep in mind that even if you don’t use social media, you should always claim your social media profiles to ensure that they are at least under your control and not already owned by someone else. Keeping this in mind is especially important when proposing your influencer list.

Try Creating A Patreon Page:

This is a cute little method to make some money and gain followers. I’ve talked to several authors who are launching Patreon pages and creating rewards for readers. Access to exclusive content for subscribers with various perks and member levels. This requires some careful planning to set up (determining the membership levels and benefits), but it’s a great entertaining approach to draw readers in and reward them for joining your “club”!

Do You Have To Miss Social?

You might be saying, “Well, avoiding social sounds like a lot of work at this stage.” Yes, there are many moving elements, but every decision you make for your brand, every action you take or refrain from doing, directs you down a route, and no path is free from difficulty.

Most of the stuff will help you, in actuality…

Why else would you want to exert all your effort? Pick out a few concepts that you think you can execute well. Make a checklist that you may go over as you gain proficiency with any new endeavor you undertake.

I wouldn’t advise giving up social media if you have a sizable following and active users. However, if you haven’t had much luck, think about trying the other players. You’ll be astonished by how much you can do; I promise!

Success As A Writer Is Not Gauged By Readership:

There is no doubt that authors who are active on social media can reap a variety of advantages. However, occasionally we should treat these platforms with a lot more suspicion. Even if for no reason other than to serve as a reminder that there is a thriving writing community outside our feeds. You can also get a book editing UK based service to publish your book.

Social networking features can sometimes be more harmful to creatives than helpful. These platforms’ rapid gratification policies discourage us from having the patience needed to do our greatest work. Social networking takes up valuable time that we could be writing instead. Furthermore, the formerly attractive promise of organic social networking sites reach becomes hollower each year. We need additional marketing strategies at our disposal.

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