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Master the Mix : Embedding YouTube to Wix Like a Pro

by Uneeb Khan
embedding youtube to wix

To attract potential customers, brands and marketers try many different marketing techniques but instilling trust in them about the brand is the foremost thing to do. YouTube videos and channels have become one of the most highly leveraged forms of content marketing. Targeting potential customers for the brand works brilliantly to widen their reach. 

As per the reports, to learn about a product of the brand more than 70% of customers would prefer videos rather than reading about them. To gain maximum advantages, brands have started incorporating YouTube videos into their websites. Read this blog to learn about how to embed YouTube channel on Wix websites. Let’s get started. 

Simplest Method To Add A YouTube Channel On The Wix Website

The process to embed YouTube channel on Wix website is extremely simple and can be completed by following some simple steps. One of the best methods to add a YouTube channel to the website is by using a social media aggregator tool. Tagembed is one of the most popular social media aggregator tools that comes with some of the best features that make the YouTube widget more stylish. 

From more than 15 social media platforms, Tagembed aggregates content with YouTube as an option. By using a wide range of options, this tool provides the ability to customize the widget. Here are some of the steps that you can follow to add the YouTube channel to your Wix website. 

Step 1- Aggregate The YouTube Channel 

a). First, log in to your Tagembed account if you are an existing user or create a new account if you are a new user. 

b). To reach the dashboard section of the widget editor, you are required to press the Open tab if you are a new user. 

c). You need to create a new widget, in case you are an existing user. After naming your widget, press on the Create Widget tab. 

d). Press the Add Feeds option and then on the next appearing screen, select YouTube as your content aggregation. 

e). After filling in the required information, you will be able to see the aggregated videos in a few minutes. 

Step 2- Develop An Embed Code 

After customizing the widget as per your website design, start the embedding process. 

a). Available on the bottom left corner of the widget editor, press the Embed Widget button. 

b). From the appearing screen, pick Wix as your preferred website-building platform. 

c). Copy the URL on the fifth line, after you are done selecting Wix as your preferred CMS. 

Step 3- Embed YouTube Videos On Wix 

a). After logging into your Wix start, start the embedding process. 

b). Where you want to embed the YouTube widget, redirect yourself to the webpage. Available on the left side of the menu bar, press the ‘Add +’ tab. 

c). Click on the HTML iFrames option in the embeds after choosing the More option. 

d). Paste the copied embed code in this step. 

e). To save the changes, press on the Apply option. 

Benefits Of Embedding YouTube Channel On The Wix Website 

Here are some of the advantages of embedding a YouTube channel on the Wix website, read below. 

1. Helps In Trust Building 

Including a brand-user relationship, building trust is the base of every relationship. For users to create as well as enjoy watching videos, YouTube is a go-to platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users. To encourage other customers to buy your products, displaying such content on the website is an amazing strategy. The prospective customers believe the words of the existing customers when it comes to buying a product from a business. 

2. Propel Traffic To Your Website 

When you post new content to your website, search engines love this. Whenever you post new content, your search rankings will go up. So, there is no better idea than posting a new custom video to your channel that is embedded on the website. By using targeted keywords in the description, title, and tags, you can escalate the search engine rankings of your website. By sharing the video of a channel through your social media platforms, you can maximize the advantage of improved SEO. 

3. Enhance Engagement of the Website 

One of the most challenging tasks is engaging the visitors on the website. For a longer period, embedding a YouTube channel on the website will keep visitors hooked because videos are much more attractive and engaging. People love surfing and watching new videos on YouTube, showcasing them on the website will push the visitors to explore the website more. 

4. Exceed Your Competitors 

There are many businesses out there that aren’t aware of this result-driven strategy, just like understanding the advantages of videos may be a disclosure. Between businesses and brands, the marketing space is a neck-to-neck competition and you are required to adjust to this unique method of marketing content by incorporating videos. You easily exceed your competitors since a few people are aware of this strategy in the marketing game. 

Ending Note 

In this digital era, content is the king for any brand and the same thing applies when it comes to video content. After reaching here, you are well aware of the embedding procedure of YouTube channels on the website by using the social media aggregator tool- Tagembed and the benefits of it. Due to its amazing benefits, embedding YouTube videos on the website has become one of the best marketing strategies. Enjoy the amazing benefits of embedding a YouTube channel to your Wix website. 

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