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With VoIP services provided for business for global connectivity, your company no longer has to be knotted down to a restricted number of physical phone lines. In its place, using wireless voice over IP phones you can use your VoIP provider’s tactic for your VoIP number and place VoIP calls from your cell phone or desktop via the phone number of your business. 

Best of all, your clienteles will get your business phone number on their caller ID to prove helpful for your easy identification. You can also receive incoming calls from the clienteles—even if your device has an altered, private phone number connected to it.

Moreover, with the at-home work flattering more corporate than ever before, VoIP phone systems are considered important than ever in the current context. VoIP phone system designed for small businesses, your personnel can simply place and accept business calls at home using the phone number of your business. this is how VoIP phone services work for your business.

With that in mind, we gnarled the market to discover the best VoIP services for small to medium businesses, tapering it down to these 8 business VoIP phones so that you can effortlessly find what you need.


AudioCodes C450HD IP Phones

The AudioCodes C450HD IP phone is one of the feature-rich wireless voice over IP phones, an exclusive high-end corporate phone for small businesses. It provisions single-click switchover between the different team members with an instinctive client experience.

The C450HD is fortified with a large 5” color touch screen and also incorporates Wi-Fi.

AudioCodes IP phones for small businesses can be accessed as part of our succeeded IP Phones solution, which describes the IP phone as an IT-managed unit and transports the exclusive and comprehensive lifecycle management of the end-user desktop devices.

Poly CCX 400

The Poly CCX 400 series is setting a new standard in what employers imagine from their desktop phones. The CCX Series is considered to escalate workplace productivity because it is intended with the users in mind providing the way you work. 

This is an innovative Business Media Phone for an industry considered for the entry-level user or the shared area. The CCX 400 is a Wireless voice over IP phones with a touchscreen desktop phone and a 5-inch display that syndicates the comfort of use, high-end features, and design with an instinctive Teams interoperability. The CCX 400 is PoE and ships short of the power supply. 

Poly CCX 500

This VOIP, Poly CCX 500 is simple to use with instinctive edges that help the organizations and administrators get to work instantly and hassle-free. The models come in different styles with the selections to either keep the handset in the desk phone or remove the handset for the circumstances where you know you will only be using a headset with your Microsoft Teams device.

The Series contains the CCX 500 detailed here which is intended for the cubicle worker and the understanding worker. It has a 5-inch display with a steadfast MS Teams button and 2 USB ports. It has incorporated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is optional via a USB dongle. Both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are sustained in this wireless VoIP phone for small businesses. This model consists of a handset, but there is a CCX 500 version available that comes without a handset particularly intended for the headset users.

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