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7 Most Influential Video Marketing Metrics To Track

by Uneeb Khan

You can track your video content with the right metrics that can be helpful in defining the success of your event. Furthermore, the live streaming services in India provide you with detailed insightful data and analytics to help you understand the various measures. Most people even wonder about live streaming v/s web conferencing: what’s best for the next online event?

Hence, here are various marketing metrics that can be helpful in tracking the most influential video.

Total views of Your Videos in a Certain

You have to learn how many times your video has been seen online in a certain date range, geography, or demographic. It can include the views of multiple types by an individual account. However, generally, they do not count or include the views gained by the bot views and auto-play videos. You can use this metric to know how many people watched your video online.

Furthermore, the best live streaming service experts share great tricks that can help you make the most of the metric.

You should have the SUBTITLES for your videos. Even Verizon and Publicis have researched and studied that 80% of consumers are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available.

Promote your video on more channels, like social media, official websites, other guest blogs, web blogs, event listings websites, and more. If you want your video to be seen by more people then you have to reach them with your content. Furthermore, take it to your audience through different mediums.

Play Rate of a video

The percentage of people who actually press play on your video when they see it on any platform. For instance, the people who play your video as soon as they watch in the ads or post section over the people who just keep scrolling are the percentage of your play rate.

Furthermore, the live streaming services provider suggests some ideas to achieve success with these metrics.

Design an attractive thumbnail that can be helpful in enticing your audience to click on your video amongst all the other videos while scrolling the gallery on a platform.

Choose to embed your videos on relevant pages. You can show your video content as additional information to the supplement in your written article.

Engagement Rate Is A Unique Metric

According to live streaming companies experts, there is no fixed formula to calculate the engagement rate. Basically, you can measure the engagement rate as the percentage of users who see your video content and also interact with it.

Tricks to achieve success with this metric:

Share a relatable and connecting story in your video to urge people to share their opinions, experiences, and reactions in the comment section. You can create empathy and encourage audiences to engage with your content by adding emotive storytelling in your video.

Integrate a CTA in your video. You have to deliver an easy and powerful call to action to take full advantage of your viewers’ attention.

Social sharing of Your Video

According to the webcast services providers, the number of times that your video has been shared by viewers across one or more social networks is the social sharing metric. It can be helpful in increasing organic views and brand exposure.

Tricks to achieve success with this metric:

Collaborate with industry influencers. You can choose your industry-specific influencers as well as micro-influencers. They could be your existing employees and customers. However, they can help you reach niche audiences.

Keep the video specifications of each social platform in mind. Furthermore, do not distribute your video on various platforms with a similar format. Furthermore, you have to customize your video as per the unique spec requirements of the channels.

Click-through rate

The percentage of people who watch your video and click on the link afterward is counted in the CTR metric. It can be an internal as well as an external link.

The streaming services providers suggest tricks to achieve success with this metric:

Integrate a clear and concise call-to-action to all your videos. You have to keep the marketing campaign objectives in mind to determine the best CTA for your video. It can help you share with your audience what you want them to do after watching the video.

Conversion rate

You can achieve a conversation if the viewer takes the desired action after watching the marketing and advertising content. According to the streaming services provider companies experts, various activities like user signing up for an account, downloading content, making a purchase, and more are the best examples of conversion.

Tricks to achieve success with this metric:

Create and integrate the relevant landing page. You have to provide your audience with a landing page where they can get detailed information about your event, brand, and other aspects.

Present special incentives. You can create numerous special promotional deals and discounts for visitors coming from specific channels. For instance, provide your YouTube visitors with a special discount of 15% on specific items and products. Also, you will be able to track customer acquisition based on the unique codes used with this strategy.

Qualitative Feedback

You have to factor in qualitative feedback when analyzing your video performance. Furthermore, you can enhance your existing and future campaigns by communicating with both prospects and customers. You can capture nuances in both unique scenarios and trending patterns that are not measurable with numbers.

Tricks to achieve success with this metric:

Examine your comments on your videos. You have to thank the people who shared their opinions or viewpoints in the comment box as well as reply to all the questions asked by the viewers. Furthermore, you can get better ideas by listening to audiences and engaging in conversation for better-performing video content.

Ask your viewers, leads, and customers’ opinions using surveys and polls. You can create content as per your audience’s likes and dislikes.

So, these are the various most influential video marketing metrics that can be helpful in tracking your event success in 2022. Furthermore, you can get detailed analytics data and reports that can be helpful in observing the various drawbacks and opportunities for leads. You can get in-depth metrics to measure various aspects of your live stream.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in tracking your live stream metrics with the best influential video marketing ideas.

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