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Most Pursued UG Courses in India

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After candidates pass their 12th, they opt for different courses as per their will and interest. While many candidates these days choose diplomas or certifications, the number of enrollments in the bachelor’s domain still wins the stat. Not only in the engineering or medical field, but many candidates choose the general line to pursue honors. With the introduction of many new subjects and specializations, the sign-ups for BA, B.Sc, or B.Com courses are on a hike. Many reputed institutions offer the programs, with an experienced faculty panel and curated course curriculum to help the candidates derive the most exemplary concept of the subject. 

Here in this guide, we will point out some of the highest coveted UG courses in India, that are mostly selected by candidates once they pass their 12th. Let’s find out the list below. 

Top Pursued UG Courses in India 

If you are someone who has completed his 12th or is about to complete the same and looking for suggestions on what to read next, this list could be helpful. Always remember to pick a course that fits your interest because the right selection could have a wonderful influence on your success path in the long run. 

Here goes the list of most sought-after bachelor’s programs in India. 

Bachelor’s of Business Administration: One of the most popular and in-demand courses after the 12 board examination, is a bachelor’s in business administration. It’s a 3 -year course that helps candidates develop sound managerial and related skills. A skilled BBA graduate attracts many tempting opportunities that are not only limited to India but on an international level. Various job options that the aspirant might explore after completing this degree include, HR, Financial Analyst, Marketing Manager, and more! 

Bachelor’s of Arts, English: Another most coveted program after class 12 is the bachelor’s of Arts in English. Candidates with a deep interest in the literary classics and giants, opt for this course. A skilled B.A. English honors graduates have many attractive opportunities like teaching in a school, being a content writer or editor, social media expert, or even going for higher studies. The 3-year program helps candidates with extensive knowledge about the literary history and trends of English literature and language. Being an educator, you can also sell online courses using course selling website

Bachelor’s of Pharmacy (B Pharma): Currently, Pharmaceuticals is among the fastest-growing industries in the world and hence the demand for B. Pharma graduates is sky-high. The line is all about preparing and dispensing drugs related to various health complications and support. The 3-year program offers the candidates with exclusive knowledge in the domain and hence they can step up as bright industry professionals. 

Bachelor’s of Computer Applications: The demand for Computer Application graduates is skyrocketing across the top IT companies and hence the Bachelor’s program in Computer Applications is among the most popular UG courses in India. This 4-year program helps you gain a deeper understanding of the related concepts and gain the most superior practical exposure from industry experts. Proficiency in computer technicalities could also help you create online courses launch course if you aspire to be an influencer or great educator. 

Bachelor’s of Education: Teaching is a noble profession and unsurprisingly the enrollments for the B.Ed course have always been excellent. If you are someone who loves to interact with students and explain complex academic topics easily, this course is for you. This exclusive training program trains you across all the technicalities of teaching aptitude, pedagogical methods, and the concerned topics so you walk out of the course with a detailed understanding of the domain. 

While the list of most covered UG courses isn’t limited to this list only, the other major courses include B.Sc in Nursing, Bachelor’s in Medicine, and so on. So, did you find one of your choices? 

Wrapping Up 

While there are so many popular courses that candidates prefer to choose after finishing school, there are many other offbeat courses too that you go for according to your wish and will. As denoted earlier, the right course selection will help you be engaged with your studies and might be a contributing factor in the path to success in the long run. So, always make a wise move!;

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