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Nail Essentials: Must-Have Products for Your Nail Art Salon

by Uneeb Khan

Having an at-home nail salon can be a fun and relaxing hobby. With the right Nail Essentials products, you can create stunning nail art designs right from the comfort of your home. Setting up your little nail studio is much more affordable than regular salon visits.

In this blog post, we will go over must-have items to include in your DIY nail art supply kit. We’ll also provide tips on using these nail essentials to take your manicures to the next level. And if you want high-quality nail products at wholesale prices, be sure to check out the selection at Nail Capital USA.

Cleaning and Prep Items

Before you can get creative with polish and designs, you need to start with a clean nail surface. Having the right cleaning supplies makes prepping your nails quick and easy.

Nail polish remover

Polish remover is essential to remove old nail color and prep your nails for new polish. Acetone-based formulas work the fastest. You can dip cotton balls in polish remover or use removable finger soak bowls to easily dissolve color.

Cuticle remover

Exfoliating cuticle remover dissolves and loosens dry, dead cuticles so you can push them back to reveal more of your nail surface. Apply cuticle remover before clipping or trimming cuticles for best results.

Nail files and buffers

Files and buffers are essential for shaping nails and smoothing ridges before polish application. Try to use glass, ceramic, or crystal nail files which are more gentle on nails versus metal nail files. Buffers help nails shine.

Brushes and soakable nail wipes

Having nail brushes to thoroughly clean under and around the nails helps remove oil and bacteria that can interfere with polish adhering properly. Nail wipes you can dip in remover, hydrating oil, or acetone to help clean the nail surface and nail polish mistakes.

Nail Care Essentials

Caring for your nails between polish applications helps them grow healthy and strong. These items nourish nails and cuticles.

Cuticle oil

Brushing nails daily with oil − like jojoba, vitamin E, or olive oil − conditions dry, cracked cuticles giving you a smoother nail surface for flawless polish application.

Nail strengtheners

For weak thin nails, apply nail hardener formulas that nourish and protect. Many strengtheners can be used as a base coat under polish.

Hand creams and masks

Remember your skin! Hydrating creams and overnight masks give you soft, healthy hands to show off your polished nails.

Nail Polish Application Tools

With the right tools, perfecting nail polish application is much easier.

Base and top coats

Must-have base coats fill ridges and help polish adhere. They also prevent staining. Top coats give your polish a glossy just-manicured look and help prevent chips.

Dotting tools

These tools have different-sized metal or plastic heads to easily create artistic dots and other abstract designs. From tiny details to big polka dots, dotting tools open many creative possibilities.

Striping tape

Vinyl striping tape lets you create straight lines and geometric patterns. Place it on your nails wherever you want sharp edges and crisp lines before painting on polish. Lift the tape away while the polish is still wet to reveal perfect polish stripes.

Angled nail brushes

Unlike flat brushes that come with most nail polish bottles, angled brushes give you better control. The slanted shape makes cleanup around cuticles easier. Plus brushes with synthetic taklon bristles hold their shape better for more accurate designs.

Nail Art Studio Essentials

These extras make your at-home manicure station fully functional for all your nail designs.

Nail polish organizer

A little caddy with built-in compartments neatly organizes all your nail supplies in one place. Spinning nail polish racks let you easily browse all your color choices.

Table lamp and magnifying glass

Good lighting and magnification help you see small details for intricate nail art. An LED desk lamp with a built-in magnifying glass gives superb illumination.

Nail decals and charms

Pre-made nail stickers and charms like glitter shapes, chains, or rhinestones save you time. Just stick them on nails for instant bling and dazzle without having to hand-paint them!

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