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Open Book Exam: Tips, Pros and Cons You Need to Know

by Uneeb Khan

Are you new to the world of open-book exams? Or someone who failed at it during their attempt? However, if your answer is yes, there is no need to worry about it because there are scholars who feel the same. It sounds interesting, but this has its own challenges. Due to its complex procedures, scholars need open book exam help from experts. Other than the process, there is a long list of reasons for which scholars demand assistance from experts. It includes unclear fundamentals, unawareness of guidelines and strict evaluation. So those students who find these exams complex due to these reasons, must read this article. Here, you will find some tips, pros, and cons of open book exams. So let’s start by knowing some tips you must follow while writing it.

Tips for Writing an Open Book Exam

Writing an open book exam is equally challenging as other papers. Similarly, there is a HnD course which offers students the option of taking a full-time or part-time course. Even students need HND assignment help from experts. So, the tips you can see here can apply to other papers too.

Manage Time: 

Being a student, managing time is not easy, but when you are giving an open-book exam, setting a timeline is essential. For this, check how many questions there are and divide your time for each. Also, do not over-explain things; be concise and accurate. By following this, one can save some time in an open book exam.

Know Key Concepts: 

Many scholars do not familiarise themselves with the essential points before starting their exams. But when the necessary points are unknown, it takes extra time to finish the paper. Eventually, you will run out of time and miss the question, which can lead to lost grades. So, always be aware of all the essential points before your open-book exam.

Organise Reference Materials:

 In writing any paper, organising reference material is the most essential aspect. As you read above, scholars take HND assignment help from experts to understand it more accurately. So one must also organise their references for the last minute. Especially when giving an open-book exam necessary material works as a cherry on the top. Therefore do not forget to gather all of them

Do Not Plagiarise: 

When writing your paper, never directly copy-paste information from the source. All the professors want to check what their students have learned during their course. So it is essential to write all the answers in your own words. If you copy-paste content and it gets caught, then you might lose grades. So avoid plagiarising at any cost and use your words.

So these are a few tips you should follow while writing your open book exam. Now the next section will make you aware of some of its pros.

Pros of an Open Book Exam

You must have heard a zillion times that everything has two sides. In the same way, writing an open-book exam has its advantages and disadvantages. In this section, you can see some of the pros of writing this paper.

Reduces Exam Stress: 

Traditionally, an exam makes scholars anxious and stressed because there are several things to remember. But in an open book exam, one has the privilege of understanding the concepts, and they have the option to take help from the sources.

Provide a Fair Chance: 

A student who is good with studies always has the option to do well in any exam. But in this exam, an average scholar can also have the option to perform well by taking help from the references. So this provides equal opportunity for every scholar.

Encourages Reading: 

In an open book exam, one can take notes written by them. Thus, making those sheets requires students to read a lot of books and other references. So it encourages them to read more, which is beneficial not just for the exam but in the future too.

These are some of the pros of writing open-book exams. Now let’s move to the next part, where you will see some disadvantages to writing it.

Cons of the Open Book Exam

There are a few disadvantages to writing this paper, which are listed in this section, so let’s check them out.

Take Longer Time to Find Answers:

 Searching for answers is not an easy process, so clearly it will take adequate time to find answers. But the exam time is fix, so one does not have unlimited time to spend there.

Requires Excellent Research:

 The one thing most scholars hate is researching because it takes time. Also, as you read above about the HnD assignment, it requires profound research skills, which not every student has. That is why they look for HND assignment help from experts. In the same way, students who are not good with these skills might have problems writing the paper.

Encourages Plagiarism: 

Some students take advantage of open-book exams and paste the content as is. Due to this reason, their content is consider plagiarised, which affects their image.

Well, these are some cons of writing this exam that you might face. So, even after reading this, if you think you will not be able to write it, you can search for open book exam assistance online. You can check out tonnes of websites there that can help you with writing the paper. So do your research and take help from reliable experts.

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