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Options Trading – What are the Benefits & Risks?

by Uneeb Khan

In the equity market of India, options trading holds a position. Rather than just using options for buying, selling, or identifying stocks, traders can use options trading to avoid losses. It also helps to increase the return amount or profit on an existing or new position and lower the risk in different market conditions. Traders use an options trading app to verify these things. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits, risks, and other factors that every trader should be aware of. 

Why Is It a Flexible Investment Choice? 

In the case of options, Trading transactions generally require less capital than the equivalent stock transactions. You might get smaller returns here but can expect a potentially greater percentage of the investment. The potential profit margin here is limited because of the premium received for the contract. If you want to know what is options chain, checking the details here could give you a significant idea of how the investment returns are possible here. In the financial year, 2022, there were 1.2 crore active traders participating in stock exchanges. In this ratio, a number of percent are options traders.

Though investors do not find options an appropriate way of trading, it is considered a highly flexible investment choice because of less capital and other benefits. Based on the contract, options can protect and enhance the trading portfolios related to increases, falls, and neutral markets.

The Advantages of Trading Options

There are several advantages that traders can avail of with Options Trading. With this, traders can avail of high returns. The options have the potential to pay equal profit just like the simple stock buying is chosen ideally. Options can be availed of at a lower margin, and traders can have the same profitability on the percentage return comparatively. 

Another big advantage of options is they allow the systematic transfer of risk. As it gives a proper knowledge of the secondary market for risk, it makes the options trading market unique.

Options are an excellent way with built-in flexibility for traders and investors. Before an options contract expires, the investors can make several strategic moves and profit. Options also provide liquidity; the system enables price discovery in the whole process. This is an important function as the options are an excellent way to identify the risk parameters.

With Options trading, you can have options-related data that normally acts as a lead indicator. Changes in options like interest and implied volatility are important leading indicators that help traders. Options allow an investor to fix the stock price. In the case of Options, the contracts allow the investors to freeze the stock price at a certain amount and for a certain time frame. Depending on the right type of option used, the strategy guarantees that the investors can buy or sell stocks at the right time before the contract expires.

The Drawbacks of Trading Options

What is an options chain? It is a chart that is used to help traders by guiding them with clear and in-depth information related to all the stock contracts. It is necessary to follow because Options trading exposes the traders to unlimited loss amounts. Compared to the option buyer or holder, the option seller can face more losses than the contract price. When an investor or trader writes a put or call, they are obligated to buy or sell the share at a predetermined time frame, whether the market is favorable or not. 

There is a limited amount of time for the investment thesis. Usually, the nature of options is short-term. Investors, when looking for options, can capitalize on a near-term price movement. The payoff must occur within a few days, weeks, or months. Here making the two correct assumptions is necessary. One is choosing the right time for buying the Options contract and deciding when to sell or walk away before the option’s expiry time. Long-term stock investors here are gainers because they don’t need to worry about deadlines. 

Potential trades for performing trading must meet a few specific requirements. Before you even start thinking about options trading, you have to get an idea of the approval through the broker. Once you respond to questions about your financial thoughts and knowledge, the broker determines your investing experience and understands the risks of options trading. The broker even assigns you to the right trading level and guides you on the ideal options for you to trade. Investors who trade options should maintain a minimum balance of $2,000 in their brokerage account. 

Options investors should also focus on the additional costs that might affect the margin of profit and loss results. Some options trading strategies also require traders and investors to set up a margin account. The minimum requirements for opening a margin account vary from brokerage firm to firm. The amount and interest rate are also decided based on the cash and security deposit in the account.

Suppose the brokerage account balance gets low to a certain extent which is common because of market fluctuations. In that case, the lender can create issues with a margin call and liquidate an investor’s account. 

Risking Your Principal

Like the other securities where stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are present, options trading has no guarantees. With options, it is possible to even lose the principal amount invested, sometimes more than that. As an option holder, you must know the risk throughout your premium. An options trading app helps you to monitor the overall trading performance. 

Options trading comes with a much higher risk level. Though initial options investments generally require lower capital than the equivalent stock positions, you might face potential cash losses if you buy the underlying stock or sell a short one. The special case for this basic guideline happens when options are used to provide leverage. Here the return rates are higher, and the chances of losses are higher too. 

Other Considerations

If you can not decide whether to buy sell or hold a stock for the long term, make sure that you check the company’s business well. In addition, you should also have a clear idea of the right decision regarding the asset heading. Traders and investors can even check the options chain here to give them in-depth information related to the stock contracts. 

A trader can grasp well only when they understand the company’s intrinsic value. Additionally, they must have a clear idea of the solid thesis that business might be affected by different factors. 

What Are Ways To Trade In Options?  

Many investors prefer options trading. Many people even use the Options Trading app and stay on the safer side.  

  • First, you need to open a trading account for the activation of online trading
  • Make sure that the F&O trading is running in your trading account
  • Check and list stock options where you want to trade in. 
  • Start with indexing options because it is too easy to estimate 
  • Stick to 10-20 liquid stocks.
  • Don’t go after all OTM options. Better you stick to a few specific options. 


The concept related to Options trading is controversial. Many investors often think that the Options trading method adds needless complexity to their financial decision-making. On the other hand, many prefer to explore the opportunities that option Trading can provide. However, if you want to stay safe and avoid potential losses, the options strategy builder assists traders by guiding them and helping them gain.

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