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All You Need To Know About Best Parental Control App

by Uneeb Khan
Parental Control app

Parental Control App offers the best service when in terms of android, mac, and Windows monitoring. Spying technology is slowly taking over the whole digital world and people are now getting aware of the benefits of these tools and technology. In this regard, we are here to tell you about the best parental control app the OgyMogy. 

Here is what you need to know about the best parental control app features and how t can help you in a variety of ways.

Real-Time Screen Check:

The screen monitoring feature is the best as far as screen management is concerned. It keeps a record of all the activities with timestamped information for the user.

Apps Installation Alert:

The app installation feature let the parents know bout all the installed apps on the target device. You can know about any dating app, or violent game and can plan accordingly to cut off such things from your life.

Call Log:

The call log feature keeps the record of all the incoming and outgoing calls on the target gadget. You can if your daughter is calling a friend late at night if your kid is receiving spam calls.

Call Recording :

The call recording feature let the users listen to all the call conversations and stuff. You can keep a record of any weird call and can use it to protect your children.

Text Log:

Read the sent and received text and keep yourself in your kid’s loop with the help of the text log feature.

Youtube Screen Monitoring :

Youtube screen monitoring feature notify about all the youtube activities of the kids. You can know about the details of what kind of content are they watching, if they are into any sensitive or sexual content or if they have a personal channel on Youtube.

Track Internet Browsing History:

As an adult how many websites do you use for entertainment or work? The count can exceed the average limit. But the teenagers and the youth are different. They are available for any new adventure and exploration and these days only digital life is kind of offering their standard version of entertainment. You can just simply have access to every platform. 

Web Filtering:

You can easily block any content by using the web filtering feature.

Social Media Monitoring :

I have seen many parents who are so much worried about their teen’s obsession with social media and instant messenger chat app platforms.OgyMogy spy app offers a social media monitoring feature that helps the user to know about the online activities so the kid without letting them know.

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IM Monitoring :

Too much sharing with strangers is a common thing among teenagers. This thing will get them in trouble sometimes when they keep posting everything. For example, sometimes people asked random questions like how many siblings do you have? Where do you live?. But they are collecting information about the person monitoring the instant messenger chat apps and keeping your kid safe from stalkers.  

GPS Location Tracking :

Locate the kids in real-time accurately with the help of the GPS location tracking feature. The app also saves the record of the seven-day history of the whereabouts of the user as well.


Mark safe and restricted zone on Google Maps for the target and get notified about the whereabouts.

Mic Bug :

Mis bug features let the user listen to live sounds and voices around the target.

Camera Bug:

Remotely uses the front and rear camera of the target gadget with the help of a camera spying app.

Access to the Encrypted Gallery:

Even if your kid has an encrypted photo gallery you can simply access that remotely. Check the captured, downloaded, and shared photos with the help of the spy app.

Keystroke Logging :

The keystroke logging feature can let you know about the keypad-related activities of the target.

All you need to do is choose a bundle that offers most of your desired features. Don’t worry about the basic and advanced version discrimination as the app offer all the services in all the offered bundles without any discrimination of advanced or basic. You can enjoy the services for a month, a season i.e six months or a year that is completely up to you.

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