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Points to Consider Before Buying Animals Online

by Uneeb Khan

Online shopping has been a vogue in recent times. In just a few clicks, you can do anything on your doorstep. Surprisingly, the online shopping craze has spread to even rural areas of India, and now you can find people in remote areas using the internet for several purposes. One of the most beneficial of all is ordering pashu online. Yes, these days, anything is possible, and so is buying animals.

A few technocrats and innovators joined hands to revolutionize agriculture and animal husbandry through online sites. Now people can buy anything for their fields and cattle. Be it agricultural products like fertilizers, seeds, etc., or anything for animals like fodder, doctor services, etc. The cutting-edge platform allows buyers to purchase countless products and even offers cash on delivery for easy payment methods and doorstep delivery.

Apps and websites have easy access and language that is meant to target the rural population. The internet has encouraged people to utilize technology to reduce time, effort, and even cost. Some platforms not only allow them to purchase but also let them sell things at profitable prices. All this has been done for the sake of technological development and a remote population.

So, if you are someone new to online shopping for animals, you should ensure a few things to avoid any type of scam or hassle. The number of online shopping apps and websites has increased tremendously, and this has given rise to more scams. Do not worry, we are here to make you aware of things that can ease your online shopping of cattle. Thus, before choosing anything and making a purchase, here are a few things you should consider.

Genuine Website or Application

The internet has several websites and apps that make online shopping easier. However, not all sites and apps are genuine; some of them can be scandalous. So, how will they ensure if the platform is genuine? Go to famous sites. If you are a first-time buyer, do not rely on every site and choose the safest option. Buying animals is extremely different from any other purchase and requires a larger amount of cash. Thus, make sure the site you have chosen is famous enough.

Check the Product Description 

Once you have chosen the platform, the next step is to search for the product. It is seen that in online shopping, sometimes the product you see in the picture does not match with the actual one you receive. For example, many times the platform has a picture of a buffalo and feeds in one image, and you want to order a buffalo. And once you receive 10 kg of silage, So, to avoid such hassles, ensure you rely on product descriptions instead of images. Pictures could be bluffs, so read reviews and descriptions properly.

Do Not Pay Before Delivery

Cattle like buffaloes and cows are not easy to buy and are expensive. One murrah buffalo can cost around 70,000 to 80,000 INR. In such cases, you have to be careful while making payments. Make sure to pay once you receive your cattle, especially if you are a first-time buyer.Check the quality and breed and then pay the delivery guy.

Cross Check the Quality and Description 

One of the most common things you encounter during online shopping is quality defects. Sometimes the picture and description are extremely different from reality. So, once you receive the cattle, check the image and description. For example, the product description claims the buffalo to be a murrah breed, but when you receive the product, it seems like a graded breed. Or the description states the weight of the buffalo to be 500 kg, but when you check it turns out to be 450 kg. These scenes are normal yet scandalous. In this scenario, return the cattle without making payment. After all, quality is a must.

Where to Buy Cattle from?

The internet has trustworthy sources, but finding them needs research. Shopping for cattle is different from shopping for clothes. So, they continue to be rather popular. You must use caution when purchasing in these situations. Apps like MeraPashu360 are trustworthy and real. Here, you’ll find buffalo meat of the highest quality and at competitive 

The Final Thought

The bottom line is that the remote population has certainly upgraded and has access to the internet. However, they still need more guidance and awareness regarding online shopping. People can take advantage of language barriers and unawareness. So, if you are someone willing to buy cattle online, be specific with the breed and quality of the cattle. We do not intend to ban or boycott online pashu markets, but choose the best when you are paying a good amount.

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