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Present Your Burgers Into Custom Burger Boxes

by Uneeb Khan

Custom burger boxes wholesale

Foodies never get bored of eating their favorite olives or cheesy-topped burgers. It is a daily business, and you need many custom boxes to sell your tempting burgers. The daily order and waiting for it wastes much time. You can buy custom burger boxes at wholesale from iCustomboxes solution. A well-known reputed company for providing durable custom boxes at shocking economical rates. Witch custom cardboard inserts and butter wraps. Also, take advantage of extra discounts on end-season sales. Also, cheer Christmas delights with custom Christmas-themed custom boxes. You can always get free dispatching to be our regular customer. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your custom burger boxes wholesale.

Keep your burger warm with insolated material

No one likes to eat cold and unfresh burgers. They like to buy burgers online from those places where they issue hot delivery. You can eliminate that problem with our eco-friendly material if you want that. This durable material makes the custom burger box isolated. So, the heat can’t pass out from the custom burger box. It also protects the burger from moisture and air pollutants and microbes. Your burger will consistently deliver hot and fresh with custom packaging. We have

  1. Custom Kraft material
  2. Custom cardboard material (12pt-24pt)
  3. Custom corrugated material (with flutes)

Durable box style for burger packaging

Mostly burgers are served in custom tuck front boxes. You can make a tuck front style on any shape, like rectangular and telescopic box style. You can also use two-piece or other box styles for the burger packaging. I notify the requirement that you want a custom burger box and how many burgers. You can customize a die-cut window with a PVC sheet for an inner glance.

Adjustable custom inserts for extra support

You can serve your burger in the custom tray during takeaways. Also, you can keep custom cardboard inserts inside the tuck front box for extra protection and impression. We also print these inserts with colorful designs and prints. You can create round inserts in the custom box and put your sauces, you can also get French fries boxes. Also, you can adjust the cold drink cup inside the custom inserts. The inserts are,

  • Economical
  • Nature friendly
  • Rigid and Durable
  • 100% pure material used
  • Puncture free
  • Prevents moisture

Flexible custom butter wraps for juicy burgers

People always demand hot cheesy, and juicy burgers. But what if he opens the box and sees a greasy, cheesy blast inside the burger box? The toothpick can only prevent the burger from spreading out. But what about sauces or cheesy stuffings? We suggest you cover your juicy burger with custom butter wraps. These wraps easily adjust on the burger due to their flexible quality. It also soaks extra oil and moisture from the burger. It is made up of 110% pure material, so it does not stick with the buns. Also, the butter wrap is punctured-free, so the sauces will not spill out. Moreover, these flexible butter wraps will not tear while pulled out.

Make takeaway easy with custom gable burger boxes

As polythene bags are banned, and woven clothes bags are so expensive. You pay a lot for custom burger bags for takeaways. Do you want any packaging that costs less the polythene and woven bags? You can use custom gable boxes with handles. You can choose corrugated paperboard material for custom gable boxes. Their durable material one-piece top handles easily hold them. You can easily keep your custom burger box with fries, sauces, and tissues inside it.

Alluring Add-ons for presenting brand images

You can apply our extra addition if you want unbeatable Hot Dog Trays. You can emboss or deboss your brand logo on custom burger boxes. Also, you can fill it up with stamp foiling. We have silver stamp foiling for a gleaming effect and gold stamp foiling for a goldish spark. You can apply spot UV, matte, or gloss coatings on the custom burger box. If it’s confusing, you can get help from our expert team.

Request free quote from iCustomboxes solutions

If you are satisfied and interested in buying custom burger boxes with custom cardboard inserts or butter wraps, visit our webpage www.iCustomboxes.com. You can freely fill the foam with all the requirements you want. Let us guide you step by step.

  • Click on request quote.
  • Write your full name and Email address
  • Note down the available number
  • Select paper stock
  • Choose box style
  • Write dimensions (length, width, height)
  • Select inches (Qt1, Qt2)
  • Write product name (e.g., belt, shoe, cake)
  • comment down for add-ons

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