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Reasons Behind The Celebration Of Raksha Bandhan

by Uneeb Khan
Reasons Behind The Celebration Of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is an occasion that commemorates the togetherness and the beautiful relationship and love that brothers and sisters share. India is a land of festivities, and every occasion commemorated has a feeling, an admiration that makes people feel pleased. We love each bond in unique ways, and thus, you would see that within two to three months or after that, we commemorate some other festivity. 

This festivity drops on the Full Moon of Shravan month or the Purnima and is commemorated with excitement and happiness by the Hindu civilization. The markets are beautifully adorned with lamps, and multicolored rakhi pieces and mouthwatering delights are made to celebrate this festival. Well, there’s more to it, but we all learn that every festivity retains its tale, and thus, you must be guessing the purpose of celebrating Raksha Bandhan. Well, there is a wonderful story about Raksha Bandhan that will fascinate you and will turn you awestruck. In this article, we will talk about why rakhi is commemorated and read up about the thriving civilization India has submitted.

Why We Commemorate Raksha Bandhan?

We often inquire about this fact why we commemorate Raksha Bandhan. Relatively reasonable because no one to date educated us about the tale behind Raksha Bandhan and why this is such a bright occasion. This festivity commemorates blood relations and educates us to honor the sibling union that brothers and sisters have with one another even when they are not connected by blood. There are numerous tales about why rakhi is commemorated, but the understanding remains the same – this celebration is about making your playful brother feel valuable. It is about wishing for their longevity and happiness. 

The Raksha Bandhan thread that you knot to your brother’s wrist is like a Raksha Kavach, a holy thread that makes sure that your brother remains happy and free from adverse energies surrounding him. Raksha Bandhan commemorates the lasting love siblings have, and thus, knotting rakhi is a must on this joyful happening. As you fasten this holy thread, you spew your blessings on your brothers, adding prosperity to their life and keeping bad impacts away. Apart from your brother, you can knot a rakhi to anyone you believe look after you and respect you like a sweet cousin. Some knot this holy thread to Bhatija, sister-in-law, Bua, father-in-law, and brother-in-law. Buy amazing gifts packs and flowers bouquet from the online shopping outlets and make the celebration more memorable.

Tale Behind Raksha Bandhan:

Now, as you want to know why Raksha Bandhan is commemorated, you must be interested in the tale behind Raksha Bandhan. Well, there are numerous traditional tales, but few of them are the nicest, and these tales educate us a lot about our connection with our brothers and sisters. So, let’s seek the answer to why we commemorate Raksha Bandhan and why it is such a good occasion in Hindu culture.

The tale returned to Mahabharata’s period when Draupadi and Lord Krishna solidified a religious bond. Unintentionally Lord Krishna harm himself, and Drupadi, a loyal disciple of Lord Krishna, couldn’t watch his bleeding wrist. She ripped a piece from her apparel and fastened it around the wrist of Lord Krishna to halt his blood. Lord Krishna got highly admired with this gesture, and he then promised her to be her brother, who tutored and guarded her from the embarrassment by Kauravs held in Mahasabha. This tale behind Raksha Bandhan, however, gives amazing feelings.

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The second story behind Raksha Bandhan is about Goddess Laxmi and King Bali, where Lord Vishnu won against the devil king. King Bali was the strongest king who retained three nations, but Lord Vishnu overcame all the three realms smashing the superiority of the King. The king then begged Lord Vishnu to stand by his side and live in the same province. Goddess Laxmi was depressed with this formation and fastened a holy thread on King Bali’s wrist and announced him as her brother. She then begged the king to free her spouse so that she could go with Lord Vishnu back to Vaikunth. King Bali performed the same as he could not deny his sister. After these occurrences, people began commemorating Raksha Bandhan. These stories are still famous, and whenever someone questions why we commemorate Raksha Bandhan, the former people narrate these stories, indicating our thriving culture and origin.


The festivity of Raksha Bandhan is not just commemorating relations linked by blood. Yet, it is also about commemorating the devotion and respect that brothers and sisters share for each other. Now, you must be familiar with why do we commemorate Raksha Bandhan? Therefore, you must be looking for some unique online rakhi gifts and flowers delivery that can impress your sibling and make them feel valuable in your life. So, leave no opportunity to make your special companion feel like the most significant individual in your life. Knot the rakhi and commemorate this great union with them.

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