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Reasons Why Your Blog On a Free Web Hosting

by Uneeb Khan

Are you thinking of starting your blog? Do you want to avoid paying any money on hosting? I have some good news: There are several free web hosting choices. However, I also have some bad news: you should only host your blog with a paid web hosting service.

What is Free Web Hosting?

Hosting your site at no cost on the website server is a free web hosting service. You should be aware of numerous red flags if you’re using a hosting service that claims to offer gratis Web Hosting.

Why Should You Even Care About Your Hosting Provider?

Initially, it’s fair to consider the costs associated with the hosting service provider. It is recommended to consider looking beyond the price. In the end, your blog and the content, and how your website will develop are influenced by the host you select. Therefore, it’s essential to take into consideration the hosting provider. In the context that this piece is written in, it’s clear that free internet hosts aren’t helpful to you. Let’s look at the reasons why.


Free Web Hosting in Pakistan offer bold statements about the uptime they provide and their availability. Likely, you won’t immediately notice this. However, as you continue to utilize their service and set up monitoring of your uptime and monitor your uptime, you’ll find that your downtime is more extended than you thought. This could affect your leads and conversions if you’re trying to earn money from your blog. Even if you’re not making any money, your readers are less likely to return to your site when it doesn’t load when they try accessing it.

The problem continues beyond there. You could awake one day and find that your website doesn’t exist. You won’t be able to discover any reliable backup solution offered by the hosting service to repair it.


There is always one aspect that only some free hosting providers deliver, i.e., performance. The more responsive your site is, the better the user experience. With a great user experience, you will interact more with your readers. This will help create leads or to share your blog posts with their friends. If your website responds slowly, users will leave to look for other resources and eventually stop going to your blog. Since you don’t pay for the resources you use, free web hosts make a few slacks. In general, the servers need to be well-designed and will be able to manage every modern website that has many moving elements. The impact of free web hosts is visible; you must check the performance of your website to see your version.


Cyberattacks are rising, so securing your website is more important now than ever. You may need essential account security measures, such as Two-Factor authentication (2FA with a free web host that is free. If you choose to use the standard security features, they need to maintain the server stack to provide you with the best security website. This doesn’t improve the security of your website.

For example, the server could remain indefinitely running an earlier version of PHP.

In any case, web admins may not conduct security audits of their back end to ensure that their web servers are not breached. Any security breach can destroy the blog’s functionality if your site handles sensitive data. Therefore, ensuring a secure website server is essential for all blogs.

Staying True to Their Promises (Not Really!)

Free web hosts make many promises that sound too appealing to be accurate, but it’s services that aren’t required to be paid for. They must make money somehow and get more customers. Most of the features offered can be attributed to specific conditions or are not even available.

Marketing gimmicks aren’t just restricted to Web Hosting in Lahore that are free. However, some reputable firms use it if a reputable business makes a false statement and is found to be responsible for its actions and could compensate its clients. However, the majority of free internet hosts still need to be made in existence. They could even disappear from the internet, and you cannot take action.


There are instances when you upload crucial documents or other sources to your server (related to your site or something else). With reputable web hosts, you pay for their services and usually can only access your website content if they are required to solve the issue. Additionally, they are equipped with a sophisticated security system for access that allows the company to ensure that employees are accountable for the content they do and what they use it. Regarding a free web host, any employee can access and configure/access/delete your file whenever they want. These companies do not have any legal guidelines to stop this from occurring. This is why you should refrain from believing that your information stored on free servers is secure.

Hidden Charges

A few free services will often restrict the use of resources once you have started using their servers and request payment to remove limitations. It’s only fair that they are charged for their services; however, they only inform you of hidden costs in advance in these instances. It is a false impression that it’s an entirely free service.

Lack of Control

Compared to paid shared hosting, you will only get some of the controls you require to manage your site. You’ll have to limit your options to a couple of options when making your website.

You might need help finding a choice to set up WordPress.

It can differ based on the particular service; however, generally speaking, you need control over your website server.

Poor support

Accidents can occur at every hosting company. But, it is essential to have prompt customer support and the capability to provide swift resolutions. If something goes wrong when you use your free web hosting, you’ll have to keep waiting for an interminable response to solve the issue. Some hosting providers don’t even provide a support service. Therefore, you are unable to contact them at all.

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