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How To Find Remote Software Developer Jobs in 6 Steps

by Uneeb Khan
Software Developer Jobs

Can you get remote software developer jobs?

As the technology to support remote work has grown, more companies are considering it as an option to offer to the professionals who work for them. Remote work is the ability to work from your home or other non-centralized location. This allows professionals to limit the time they spend commuting to and from a location, remain in a location they set up to work in remotely and be present for tasks outside of their professional career. For example, a remote software developer can work from their home office without having to worry about driving 45 minutes to the company’s location.

Write or update your resume

A lot of online tools you may use might ask you to upload a resume so that potential employers can see what skills and experiences you have. Professional recruiters might also see your resume and want to help you find the roles you’re looking for. When you write your resume, use a program that lets you convert it into different file types so that you can convert your resume into a format that the different tools understand. This can help you quickly place your resume in the tools you use to find remote software developer jobs.

There are several important sections to include on your resume, detailed below:

2. Look for positions on remote job boards

Remote job boards are online locations and search engines that help you find specific work. While they aren’t all specific to software development, you can often tailor the results of your search to find positions in that industry. A lot of these job boards have lists of jobs with the compensation for full-time and part-time positions and other benefits you receive if you take the role. There are plenty of filters you can use on job board websites to help you find the roles you want. For example, you can filter for full-time, remote positions in software engineering and development.

3. Search in community threads

A community thread is an online location where people with similar backgrounds can come together to discuss their industry, find new jobs in that industry and search for potential employees. It isn’t as formal as a job board or company website, but many people turn to threads to find qualified professionals who can fulfill the duties of open roles in their organization. When you look for community threads, make sure you’re listing that you want a remote position within the software development industry and that you’re open to finding positions where you can contribute your expertise as a developer.

4. Create a keyword job list email

While job search websites might not be the first place you think to look for remote software developer jobs, you can maximize your time on them by creating preferences and signing up for email alerts. When you set up an email alert for specific positions, you can filter the roles you want so you only get jobs that apply to your search. For example, you can set up an email with filters for remote work as a software developer and when the website’s algorithm finds a role that matches yo

5. Work with recruiters

Recruiters are professionals who find other professionals for companies who might be interested in working with them. When you work with a recruiter, tell them the preferences you have for a remote job in the software development industry and let them find the roles that match those preferences. Different recruiters might have different processes, but they often know where to look for open roles and build relationships with companies, so they’re experts at getting you into contact with companies in your industry.

Working with a recruiter can also help ease the stress you might feel because they want you to be a successful candidate for the positions they find so they’ll provide helpful tips and guidelines for your interviews when you receive them and check on your progress through the hiring process.

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