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SaaS Free Trial Subscriptions: Everything You Need To Know About Trial Subscriptions in SaaS

by Uneeb Khan

Free trial in SaaS and B2B businesses is one of the great customer acquisition strategies that has been efficient in getting potential customers. if you have a subscription-based model then there is a high chance that you offer a free trial to make customers try the product.

Offering free trials can help you in completing your sales funnel as customers will start potentially visiting your website and get engaged in the product. if you have a large customer database then there are high chances then managing the free trial subscriptions can be overwhelming and cumbersome.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to manage your free SaaS trial management system with a subscription management platform.

Analytics and Optimization of Your Free Trial Subscriptions

With the help of a subscription management platform, the major advantage of this for your free SaaS trial subscriptions is that you will have real-time analytics. Real-time analytics will help you to monitor your users and their behavior with the product.

Using analytics, you will be able to optimize the behavior of your customers and convert them to paid users. Not using a subscription management platform, can lead you to ill management of the tasks and you might not be able to generate revenue and profit from the free users.

Free SaaS Trial Subscriptions Conversion Rate

The end goal of every business having a high conversion rate so that potential revenue can be generated. Therefore, optimizing the conversion rate is very significant.

With a subscription management platform like SubscriptionFlow, you can optimize the conversion rate with the strategies and marketing automation third-party integration that is HubSpot.

The HubSpot and SubscriptionFlow for integration enable customers to simplify their marketing. Not only that, but you can also increase the speed of all processes. This way it will be easier to reach out to the target audience at a larger number and get potential customers that can be later on converted into paid users.

What should be the strategy for optimizing the conversion rate of free trial subscriptions?

To optimize the conversion rate of free trials, only a subscription management platform cannot help. It is on the merchants to devise their strategies in such a way that can make them gain profit. First thing first, it is important to keep the trial period short.

Having a long trial period can make your business unstable because you will not be able to evaluate the customers in a more holistic and meticulous way.

Here is the second strategy:

Nurture the Subscribers on Free Trial SaaS Subscription

Increasing the number of trial subscribers is not important; rather, converting them into paid users is the pinnacle of business success.

It is strongly advised to increase user engagement in order to prevent churn among trial subscribers. The customer success team or support team can be present for the user in this SaaS free trial practice to guide and nurture him into the paid conversion using the subscriber-centric approach.

While nurturing trial subscribers, analytics and reports from the customer success platform or customer success tool can provide data to better understand customer behavior and identify factors that can be game changers in increasing free trial conversion rates.

Enable Personalization for the Trial Users

Personalization has become the key to business success because users are more drawn to it than to generic content and activities.

You may provide personalization to paid users, but do you provide this luxury to trial users? If so, give yourself a high-five. However, if the answer is no, we recommend that you offer personalization to trial users as well.

Offering personalized solutions to trial users allows them to experience the product in the most customized and personalized way, allowing you to better understand customer behavior. As a result, customer segmentation can be performed, and subsequent calls to action (CTAs) can be created for the segmented customers.


With SaaS free trial practices, the company can achieve new levels of scalability while also shortening the time to marketability. Not only that but important SaaS metrics and customer success metrics can be achieved to increase business revenue and improve customer health as well as business health.

To drive more product trials, it is critical to follow optimized strategies so that trial management can be done seamlessly using trial management software. Trial management can bring in more customers while also increasing customer retention and lifetime value.

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