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Sales workflow secrets you don’t want to miss out on

Sales workflows for small businesses vary depending on the product, customers, and team size, but most lack a strategic approach. Small businesses often ignore many sales workflow best practices, whether their sales process is in its early stages or is formalized. Boost productivity and close deals faster with the help of sales workflow improvements for small businesses.

Sales workflow best practices

Here are our sales workflow tips broken down by stage of the sales cycle for your convenience. Let’s go!


Make sure your sales reps find prospects similar to the type of customers you want more of at the start of the sales cycle. In order to get a comprehensive view of your best customers, you’ll need a CRM solution.

It will be easy to get a strong sense of your target audience by analyzing the demographics and purchase habits of your customers. By providing your sales reps with this information, you will be able to tell them who to look for as prospects.


It is important for sales reps to include qualification questions in their sales workflow at the second stage of the sales process. These three questions will allow your sales reps to strategize which leads to focus on.

  • What is my buyer looking for?
  • Is my product available for purchase?
  • Are they planning to make this purchase soon?


It is crucial that sales reps get creative with their sales outreach efforts so that they can cut through the noise of the messages prospects receive every day. You can achieve this by getting creative with your subject lines. After all, the first thing prospects see is their subject line!

  • Putting the customer’s needs first
  • Use a timely event or trend to relate your product
  • In terms of projects they’re working on or interests they have, mention them


Once you’ve reached out to a prospect, you’ll need to nurture them to stay interested. In order to do this, you’ll need to keep track of every touch point you have with a lead. To maximize nurture efforts, you’ll want to incorporate social media engagement into your sales workflow, whether it’s an email or a quick call.

In order to build trust and credibility with potential customers, you should send them some likes or share a congratulatory comment.

Final pitch

Here are a few tips for making sure your sales reps nail their final pitch with your sales workflow.

Objection handling

Identify all the reasons why these prospects will not purchase your product before you make your final pitch. Once you’ve done this, prepare a compelling argument why this prospect should not make this purchase.

Competitor comparison

As part of your final pitch, you should be prepared to take on any competitors a prospect may bring up. Identify where you succeed and where you fail against your competition, as well as why your product is superior.

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