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Same Day Crowns Save Time, Discomfort, and Money

Traditional dental crowns require two visits, impressions, and waiting for the final restoration to be manufactured off-site. Same day crowns eliminate this process, saving you time, discomfort, and money.

Using CEREC technology, Our team can make a strong and beautiful ceramic replica of your broken tooth right in our office. These permanent crowns can last over ten years with proper oral hygiene and maintenance.


Unlike traditional crowns that require a waiting period as they are manufactured off-site, same day crowns Floyds Knobs IN (often called CEREC crowns) can be fabricated on the spot using cutting edge CAD/CAM technology. They are crafted from durable, aesthetic ceramic material and designed to mimic the shade of your natural teeth.

During a same day procedure, your dentist scans the tooth to create a digital model and design a custom crown on the computer. This eliminates the need for goopy impressions and allows you to enjoy a comfortable restoration without the unpleasant ridges that can occur with temporary crowns.

Same-day crowns are also much more durable than their traditional counterparts. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for 10 to 15 years or more. For patients who want the convenience of fast, high-quality dentistry, same day crowns are the perfect solution. The streamlined process saves you time and money by eliminating the need for multiple visits to the dentist.


With traditional dental crowns, your dentist has to send them out to an external lab for fabrication. This process takes extra time and can be uncomfortable, particularly with temporary crowns that may not fit well or feel like a foreign object in your mouth.

With same day crowns, your dentist can make the entire restoration on-site in the office using CEREC technology. This technology uses digital impressions to create a porcelain replica of your tooth, which your dentist then fits and cements into place. This eliminates the need for a second appointment and saves you money on lab fees as well as lost productivity while waiting to see your dentist.

The porcelain used for same day crowns Floyds Knobs IN also provides a more natural appearance than traditional materials. Ceramic reflects light like your tooth’s enamel to create a lifelike appearance. Plus, it is bio-compatible with your soft tissues. Ceramic also won’t increase your sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures like the metal found in traditional dental crowns.


With proper oral care, same day crowns last the same length as unrestored teeth. With this technology, your family dentist will create a dental crown right at the office using durable and aesthetic porcelain.

This process eliminates the need for a second appointment and uncomfortable temporary crowns. Traditional crowns require two separate visits to the dentist for the preparation of the tooth and then the fabrication of the permanent crown in a lab. This can take weeks.

Your dentist will use CEREC’s digital impressions to create a model of your tooth. Then, a high-tech machine will create a porcelain replica of your tooth within minutes. Unlike the base metal alloys and gold used in traditional crowns, ceramic is tooth-colored and won’t increase temperature sensitivity. This material is also bio-compatible and won’t aggravate any existing sensitivities or allergies. This allows you to enjoy your restored tooth for as long as possible without experiencing any discomfort. In fact, same day crowns can last as long as 20 years with proper care.


The process of getting a traditional crown can take weeks, which means that patients have to go back to the dentist for more appointments and wear uncomfortable temporary crowns. Same day crowns Floyds Knobs IN allow for a more convenient and comfortable experience.

They are also stronger than traditional crowns, and they can last for 10 to 15 years with good dental hygiene and regular checkups. They are made from ceramic, which looks very natural and blends well with the rest of your teeth.

Traditional crowns are typically made from base metals, gold, or porcelain fused to metal, which are more durable than ceramic. However, some patients prefer the look of ceramic crowns, which have a more natural appearance. Ceramic can be matched to the color of your teeth, and it doesn’t chip as easily as other materials. This technology saves you money because you don’t need to pay for extra appointments or get a temporary crown. This can help you keep more of your hard-earned income.

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