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The Secret Behind Positive Effects Of Social Media

by Uneeb Khan

People often talk about the negative effects of social media. But on the flip side, there are some benefits of social media too that are positively affecting people’s lives. You can look up almost everything on social media. From mortgage recruiter currently hiring on LinkedIn to simply catching up with your friends on Facebook. There’s so much to gain from it whether you are a business or a casual user. Check out the positive aspects of social media so you can fully benefit from your presence on it.   

Staying Connected  

Today, people usually do not have the time to catch up with their families and friends for several reasons like their academics, jobs, and other commitments. Also, some of your friends may have moved to distant states or even countries. So, catching up with them cannot be as feasible as one may want it to be.   

In all this, social media plays an excellent role in keeping you connected with your loved ones. You can interact with them on their social media posts, messages, video chats, and group chats. This facility to connect with your folks and watch the events of their life are some of the major benefits of using social media.   

Making New Friends  

Another major positive benefit of social media is the ability to make new friends. And those friends do not necessarily have to be anyone you have ever known. You can be friends with people around the world regardless of their region or ethnicity. For example, if you love anime, Anitwitter and subreddits may be the places where you can find friends with similar interests. Also, you can join Discord servers to talk with the fandom of your favorite series.   

Friendships on social media can also help in your career. For example, your network on LinkedIn can play a positive role in your career. Lastly, some people even find the love of their life on social media. If you are active on Twitter, you may have come across #WeMetOnTwitter which Twitter couples usually use to announce they are dating or married. So, you can make all types of positive friends through social media.   

Having Your Voice Heard  

One positive thing social has done for people is that it has amplified the voice of people. People can support a cause, speak against atrocities, and start a movement. People can be more vocal about ongoing issues and their combined voices can be globally heard.   

Showcasing Your Talents  

Social media can be a perfect stage to showcase your talents. In a community of like-minded people, you can showcase your talents and get a lot of support. Whether you are good at writing poetry, drawing, sports, or even at games, your social media profiles offer ample opportunities to display your skills.   

The best part is that social media has made it easier than ever. You can take a photo or shoot a video and share it across your social media profiles. Further, if your talents are discovered by the people, they may get the support you always needed. Lastly, when your posts get traction and your following increases, you may get the opportunity to monetize your content.   

Promoting Your Business  

Social is one of the best platforms to promote your business. It is so effective that social media marketing is now a crucial part of the digital marketing strategy of most businesses. Massive organizations to small business solopreneurs are leveraging their business’s social media presence. Besides just being present there, companies actually benefit by scoring more sales and generating revenues.   

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat have many useful features you can benefit from. You can promote your products and service through organic reach and paid promotions. Organic reach is the one you get by creating and posting relevant content across your profiles. In contrast, paid promotions give you boosted content reach against your marketing budget.   

Learning New Skills  

You may not know it already but social media can be an excellent platform for learning new skills. LinkedIn has LinkedIn learning to teach new skills. You can learn plenty of skills like digital marketing, graphic design, and even programming. You can earn certifications by completing one of these courses. Similarly, Facebook offers learning material through Facebook Blueprint. Courses taken from these courses can help you land better job opportunities and assist in your business.   

In short, there is plenty of productive and positive stuff you can find on social media. You can do a lot from having fun to hiring for your business using a talent acquisition strategy framework, or thriving as a solopreneur. It’s all up to how you utilize the medium.  

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