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Set Your Service Desk: A Complete Guide

by Uneeb Khan

Enterprises may build robust and productive workflows in their internal and customer support departments by using Service Desk Management. Also known as the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC), these centres provide communication between a company’s customers, staff, and other business partners. Its goal is to make sure people get the support they need from Wolken Software as soon as possible. 

Types of Service Desks 

Local Service Desk

It serves the needs of small and medium-sized businesses since it is located on or near the company’s premises (SME). It would be helpful in meeting the needs of a company’s geographically dispersed organizations. For significant quantities of calls or service requests, however, this service desk would be insufficient.

Centralized Service Desk

An efficient and less expensive way to manage a high number of tickets and calls is to set up a centralized service desk. When an organization has many local service desks, consolidating them into a single Service Desk Management has many advantages. 

Virtual Service Desk 

A single, centralized Service Desk can handle all requests submitted by any device or entity, no matter where it is located, as long as it has access to the Internet. Corporate and IT firms utilize this form of support desk the most frequently. 

What Does a Service Desk Do?

An IT department’s  Service Desk Management is primarily responsible for handling customer service issues, including ticketing, incidents, and service requests. IT service management (ITSM) tools are essential to the job of service desk workers. A range of operating scenarios may be addressed by modern service desks, making them more proactive and adaptable. Process-oriented, they strive to address all of the IT policies and norms of the firm. 

In addition to asset management, knowledge management, problem management, and a host of other responsibilities, the IT Service Desk Management ensures that your organization runs as smoothly as possible. By 2023, it’s expected that the support desk software industry will be worth $11 billion. The following are some of the most important advantages of utilizing an IT service desk: 

Helps you work more efficiently 

The IT service desk is well-known for resolving all types of problems and faults that employees encounter. It enables both the employees and the businesses to organize their IT services in a more efficient manner. This includes live chat, a ticketing system, and a knowledge base, among others. 

A more pleasant customer service encounter 

When it comes to the day-to-day operations of a firm, employees rely on IT specialists. But with so many concerns and problems, IT support jobs become obsolete and this can have a negative impact on both the firm and the consumers. It is possible that the IT service desk can help. 

Without having to wait for a professional to finish their work, users may immediately access their tickets and other services through the IT service desk. 

Improved Reports and Data Analyze 

The IT service desk has made it a lot easier to collect data and generate reports. Using this information, you can make vital judgments. Businesses may gain an accurate and thorough insight into IT issues and reaction times using this data, which will assist them to enhance their IT services and hence provide a better customer experience. 

Improved communication visibility 

With the help of an IT Service Desk Management, gaining visibility in an IT company is a cinch. As a result of increased transparency and openness, employees now have a better grasp of what’s going on both within and outside the company. Technical concerns aren’t a problem for them. 

A rise in the efficiency of the workforce

With the assistance of the Wolken Software IT service help desk, employees are able to complete their jobs and continue working without interruption. The employee is able to do their work in a more efficient and effective manner. As a result, the IT service desk may benefit the company’s bottom line by increasing staff productivity. Everything has been laid out for you now, so go ahead and build up your own Service Desk Management system. Keep in mind to use it to the fullest extent possible. Remember to make the most of the automation rules and third-party app connections that it has to offer.

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