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Discovering the Best of Shark Movies on Netflix

by Uneeb Khan
Discovering the Best of Shark Movies on Netflix

Hey there, all you binge-watchers and thrill-seekers! We’re about to take you on a deep dive into the shark-infested waters of Netflix, where fins, jaws, and suspense are on the menu. If you’re hungry for some fin-tastic entertainment and want to explore the finest shark movies the streaming giant has to offer, grab your virtual snorkel because we’re about to surf the cinematic waves!

1. “Jaws” (1975): The OG Shark Thriller

Let’s start with the one that kicked it all off – “Jaws.” Steven Spielberg’s classic is the granddaddy of shark movies, and it still packs a punch. When a gigantic great white shark starts terrorizing the beaches of Amity Island, Chief Brody, Quint, and Hooper set out to put an end to the feeding frenzy. You’ll need a bigger boat to contain the excitement this movie delivers.

2. “The Shallows” (2016): Blake Lively vs. Mother Nature

If you’re into survival thrillers with a side of shark terror, “The Shallows” is your catch of the day. Blake Lively stars as a surfer who gets stranded on a remote beach with a relentless great white shark circling her. It’s a nail-biter, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat, cheering for Blake’s survival skills and resilience.

3. “47 Meters Down” (2017): A Deep-Sea Dive Gone Wrong

Ever wondered what it’s like to be trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean? “47 Meters Down” answers that question in spine-chilling fashion. With limited oxygen and ravenous sharks lurking nearby, this film is a relentless descent into underwater chaos. It’s like an anxiety-inducing rollercoaster ride, minus the safety harness.

4. “The Meg” (2018): Jason Statham Takes on a Giant Shark

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ Jason Statham action flick? “The Meg” serves up Statham as a deep-sea rescue diver battling a prehistoric megalodon, a ginormous shark that makes Jaws look like a guppy. If you’re in the mood for over-the-top shark-on-human action, this movie will feed your appetite for cinematic chaos.

5. “Deep Blue Sea” (1999): Sharks with a Side of Science Gone Wild

“Deep Blue Sea” takes a unique twist on the shark genre by introducing genetically enhanced sharks. When science goes rogue and sharks get super-smart, all hell breaks loose. Samuel L. Jackson delivers one of the most memorable shark-related monologues in cinematic history, and this movie is a perfect mix of suspense and creature-feature thrills.

6. “Sharknado” (2013): When Absurdity Meets Sharks

Sometimes you just want to throw logic overboard and enjoy a wild, campy ride. “Sharknado” is the answer. A tornado sucks up sharks and hurls them at Los Angeles, leading to absurdity of epic proportions. It’s so ridiculous that it’s downright awesome, and it’s best enjoyed with friends and some popcorn.

7. “The Reef” (2010): Realism Meets Shark Nightmare

If you prefer your shark movies to be grounded in reality, “The Reef” is your ticket. Based on a true story, it follows a group of friends stranded at sea after their boat capsizes. As if that weren’t bad enough, hungry sharks start circling. The tension in this one is as real as it gets, and you’ll find yourself gasping for air alongside the characters.

8. “Bait” (2012): Supermarket Sharks, Anyone?

Ever wondered what a shark attack in a supermarket would look like? “Bait” delivers the goods. When a tsunami floods a supermarket, shoppers find themselves sharing the aisles with some unwelcome toothy guests. It’s a creative and thrilling twist on the shark genre, and it’ll have you thinking twice about your next grocery run.

9. “Open Water” (2003): A Nightmare at Sea

“Open Water” takes the fear of isolation to a whole new level. Based on a true story, it follows a couple who are abandoned by their diving group in shark-infested waters. Stranded in the vast ocean with no rescue in sight, they face the harsh realities of survival while surrounded by hungry predators. This one will make you reconsider that scuba diving vacation you’ve been planning.

10. “Shark Night” (2011): Sharks + Cabin Getaway = Chaos

“Shark Night” takes a group of college friends on a seemingly idyllic weekend getaway to a lake house. What could possibly go wrong, right? Well, when the lake is infested with a variety of toothy predators, the answer is “a lot.” This one’s a guilty pleasure that combines the slasher film and shark movie genres for a wild, campy ride.

11. “Sharkwater Extinction” (2018): A Call to Protect Sharks

Looking for a shark movie with a different angle? “Sharkwater Extinction” is a documentary that’s both eye-opening and heart-wrenching. Filmmaker Rob Stewart investigates the illegal shark fin industry and its devastating impact on shark populations. It’s not just about fear; it’s a call to action to protect these incredible creatures and our oceans.

12. “The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time” (2018): Sharknado Saga’s Grand Finale

We couldn’t resist including one more “Sharknado” film because it’s the grand finale of the franchise. In “The Last Sharknado,” time travel, absurd cameos, and more sharknados than you can shake a shark at are on the menu. It’s the ultimate shark-themed popcorn flick that revels in its over-the-top madness.

13. “Shark Exorcist” (2015): Sharks and Supernatural Shenanigans

If you thought you’d seen it all, think again. “Shark Exorcist” combines sharks and supernatural possession, resulting in a mind-boggling, low-budget masterpiece. It’s so bizarre that you’ll be questioning your life choices while being unable to look away. It’s a cinematic experience that must be seen to be believed.

14. “Planet Earth: Blue Planet II” (2017): Real-Life Shark Spectacle

Last but not least, we have “Planet Earth: Blue Planet II,” a documentary series that showcases the wonders of the ocean, including breathtaking footage of sharks in their natural habitats. While not a traditional shark movie, it’s a mesmerizing and educational journey that provides a deeper understanding of these magnificent creatures.

So there you have it, folks—the top shark movies on Netflix that will make your heart race, your pulse pound, and your love for these apex predators soar. Whether you’re in the mood for classic thrills, over-the-top absurdity, or thought-provoking documentaries, there’s a shark movie here for every appetite. So grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready to plunge into the world of cinematic shark mayhem.

Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone shouts, “Shark!” Happy streaming, and may your Netflix queue

be forever stocked with fintastic finned adventures!

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