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Shastipoorthi Pooja Cost, Benefits, and Vidhi – 99pandit

by Uneeb Khan

Do you know what “Shastipoorthi pooja” means? Do you know how much the Shastipoorthi puja costs? What are the Shastipoorthi pooja’s expenses, benefits, and vidhis?

If your 60-year marriage has ended, you are eligible for this Shastipoorthi puja. To get the Lord’s blessings for your family and relationships in order to cohabit for 60 years is the purpose of the Shastipoorthi puja.

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What does Shastipoorthi Pooja Cost truly include, and how can you benefit from it? We’ll discuss the expenses related to Shastipoorthi puja in this article.

What is the price of the Shastipoorthi Pooja?

The term “Shattiporthi pooja” denotes a marriage or a person’s birthday that has been together for 60 years. When the spouse turns 60 and the 61st year has just started, it is usual to do the Shastipoorthi puja. The couple’s relatives, friends, and children may be the only ones to arrange this puja for them.

On the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary, people in the west and north of India celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. A sort of silver wedding anniversary ceremony called a shatipoorthi pooja is done to honour a person’s 60th birthday. It’s important now since the guy has completed his obligations to his responsibilities, family, and home.

After reaching this age, the person or couple may concentrate on their spiritual growth. This event is conducted at the end of the 60th year and the start of the 61st. On Shastipoorthi, pooja pandits may conduct a variety of homams. These rituals are conducted, much like navagraha homa, mrityunjaya homam, and ayusha homa, to get the Lord’s blessings on the marriage for a happy and healthy future.

What are the Shastipoorthi pooja’s costs, vidhis, and benefits?

To honor turning 60, a traditional puja rite called the Shastipoorthi Pooja is done. It is also known as Ugraratha Santi Puja or Shashti Abda Poorti Puja. The age of sixty is important in Hinduism because many people think that at that point, a man has completed his obligations to his family and children. They are thus required to do the Shastipoorthi puja.

Now that he is retired, he has more time to devote to spirituality, his soul, meditation, and God. Siblings may do the Shastipoorthi pooja cost ceremony on their parents’ 60th birthday to guarantee their parents’ long life and good health.

Cost-Influential Factors for Shastipoorthi Pooja

  • Regarding celebrating Shastipoorthi at home, experts and professionals have offered some crucial insights and information.
  • The Shastipoorthi festival commemorates turning 60.
  • On the occasion of the man’s 61st birthday, this puja is performed.
  • Shastipoorthi was celebrated on the day that fell on Janma Nakshatra in the Janam month.
  • This Shastipoorthi puja fee represents the years that the husband and wife had a fruitful union.
  • Amrutha Mritanjay, Sapta Chiranjeevi, and Ayur Devata are significant deities whose pooja offerings are included in the Shastipoorthi pooja fee.

Shastipoorthi Pooja Fee

The cost of the Shastipoorthi puja begins at 12,000 INR and may reach thousands of INR. The price of the puja with homam varies depending on the Jaap Sankhya of Ayush, Mrityunjaya, and Dhanvantri. The price of the Shastipoorthi puja will also depend on the bhojan menu and the brahman daan.

Benefits of Shastipoorthi Pooja

  • Paying for a Shastipoorthi puja offers the benefit of purifying individuals of all sins and negative karma and granting them a happy and successful life.
  • The Shastipoorthi pooja, which aims to provide the couple health and vitality in the face of aging, illness, and weakness, is one of the most spiritual rituals.
  • The mangalyam suthram is improved by doing the Shastipoorthi pooja and gaining blessings from elders or family members, which obtains blessings for the superb mangalya bhagyam.
  • After seeing the accomplishment of the members of their “Vamsha,” or the younger generation, this is done as a gesture to honor the couple’s journey.
  • This puja is also performed to mitigate the adverse effects of the Navagraha planets.
  • The Shastipoorthi pooja bestows great energy and goodwill on the performer.

The Shastipoorthi pooja ceremony celebrates a long-lasting marriage between a husband and wife. They might provide the younger generation with examples of enjoyable living.

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