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Six False Facts About Kratom

Kratom is generally referred to as the leaf of the evergreen plant Mitrogyna Speiciosa. It is native to Southeast Asia and is grown in countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Traditionally, indigenes use the herb to fight fatigue and improve their spiritual consciousness. Here in the west, Kratom has soared in popularity, and countless Americans use it to improve productivity, fight pain and relax.

Because of the benefits and desirable effects kratom has on the body, many individuals have come up with fantastical stories and misconceptions about the substance. False information can dissuade many individuals from seeking natural remedies to their conditions, and we must separate fact from fiction. In this article, we will demystify kratom.

Kratom is an opioid.

One of the benefits of using kratom is that it provides a natural remedy for pain. It works similarly to opioids, and has led to people wrongly believing it to be so.

Kratom is highly addictive.

Kratom may have similar properties to opioids (such as fighting pain), but it is not addictive. On the contrary, kratom helps individuals with withdrawal symptoms from substances like opioids. Kratom may be habit-forming, but it is not addictive.

Different strains produce different strains of kratom.

The three most common strains of kratom you will find online or in stores and white, green, and red veins. Many people erroneously believe that different trees produce various strains of kratom- This is not true. The type or strain you buy depends on the processing method. The strains also have different effects on the mind or body. This is a result of varying alkaloid profiles due to harvesting, drying, and curing conditions. For instance, you can buy white vein kratom online in New York to improve focus, energy, stamina, and productivity. On the other hand, you can buy green vein kratom online to get a more balanced experience.

Kratom products do have not quality control.

Kratom products are not regulated by the FDA, and this has led to some unscrupulous vendors selling tainted goods.

However, this is not the case for everyone in the industry. You can source ultra-pure kratom powder from reputable stores. Top stores source premium-quality powder from accredited sources and provide you with safe and beneficial products.

You can only buy kratom powder.

While kratom powder is very popular, it is not the only product you can buy. Top manufacturers have a broad range of products that suit the needs of different users. Other kratom products you might not know include:

Kratom tea: Kratom tea falls in the line of beverages.

Kratom capsules: Capsules contain kratom powder in a nontoxic casing.

Extracts: Extracts contain a high concentration of mitragynine alkaloids.

Kratom tablets: Tablets are similar to capsules

Kratom has no adverse effects.

Although kratom has many benefits, you can still experience side effects, especially when taken in excess. Beginners are also more likely to experience side effects. Some side effects include dry mouth, frequent urination, nausea, hallucination, aggression etc.

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