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Smart-Spending Strategies On Kitchen Remodelling In Toronto

After years of dreaming about renovating your kitchen, it is time to get it done. Whether it is your first, second or tenth kitchen remodelling in Toronto, you need to start with extensive research. Consult people around you about their renovation experiences and get the hang of it. Your kitchen should be your little heaven at home, and you would not want it to look disorganized or dull. Stockboxkitchen should be your first stop to get your dream kitchen. Consider the following tips as you take on the project head-on.

Save on Cabinets by Painting

Almost 30-40% of your kitchen remodelling budget covers cabinetry. If the location and functionality of your cabinets please you but the finishing is dull, you can paint rather than replace them. It might be labour-intensive, but the project will be kind to your wallet in the long run. In addition, you can hire professional painters to help you along the way.

Spend on a Quality Faucet

A kitchen faucet works harder than most kitchen equipment, so convenience and quality are essential. First, you must spend on a premium brand with a single-handle operation. Next, consider your faucet location and ensure it gives you clearance for your hands. Also, consider a reliable sink to compliment the faucet. Finally, get a basin that you can fit and do your dishes without bending too much.

Prepare Before Painting

Consider the following tips when repainting your kitchen.

  • The sheen of the finish

The level of shininess on the surfaces helps you understand how easy it is to clean around. You can go for semi-gloss trims, satin painted cabinets and eggshell walls.

  • Prep before painting

Start by filling nail holes, sanding out uneven spots, and caulk all seams instead of using a primer to cover cracks. Then, consult with your contractor to clarify your needs and what you expect in the end.

  • Start early

Painting the walls should be done before the cabinets and backsplash are installed on the wall. Our professionals will help you eliminate paint drips on tiles and cabinets to give a distinct look where they meet.

Consider Functionality When Selecting Backsplash

The wall section between the cabinets and the countertops can be a perfect canvas for expressing your personality. Subway tiles are suitable for traditional themes and if they are oversized, place them vertically or in a herringbone pattern. Grout lines on tiny mosaic patterns are hard to clean, but they look pretty in the kitchen.

Other options include metal, glass, mosaic, stone, tiles, embossed ceramic and non-tile options like metal ceiling tiles and beadboard panelling. Go for something that reflects your taste and is openly appealing and straightforward to maintain. Maybe it would also attract more buyers when you decide to sell your house.

Quartz is a Good Idea

Quartz countertops might be artificial, but they look more like stone and are perfect for Kitchen remodelling. Quartz is more popular than granite for kitchen remodelling. It has its advantages—being scratch-proof, stain-proof, and not chip. In addition, you can use it outright without sealing.

Quartz is also available in different looks, like natural limestone and marble. However, limestone and marble are high-maintenance options for kitchen countertops and need a higher budget.

Do Not Hold Back On Lighting

Various lighting fixtures that you can use for the kitchen include;

  • Under-cabinet lighting

This lighting fixture allows light when you are working over countertops. It also highlights the backsplash, cabinets and countertops when it is the only active light source.

  • Recessed ceiling fixtures

These light fixtures work best in open floor spaces for ambient lighting where people work. This gives you a brighter space after the Kitchen renovation in Toronto.

Pendant fixtures

Island and peninsula kitchens and sinks can use decorative pendants that provide enough light without creating shadows.

Consider Alternatives to Wood Flooring

Wood is naturally beautiful for kitchen remodelling services in Toronto, but it dents, wears and scratches when used in the kitchen. On the other hand, porcelain tiles are easy to clean and come in various designs like wood and stone looks. However, porcelain can easily break when something heavy drops on them.

Consider softer alternatives like laminate and luxury vinyl, which are durable and soft and provide distinct woody looks that confuse people for the real thing.

All said and done, seeking professional help is the first thing you should do when considering remodelling your kitchen. You will save time and cash, and you will love the results. Kitchen renovation also gives life to your new kitchen, giving you a touch of modernity. Doing this can also increase the value of your home significantly.

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