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Social Distancing Barricade Tape Uses in Pandemic Situation

by Uneeb Khan
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What is Social Distancing Barricade Tape?

Social Isolation The best approach to create a temporary barrier to prevent people from entering that area is with barricade tape. Barricade tape is the ideal instrument for ensuring social distance and is offered in various colours and patterns.

Online stores often provide the best prices on barricade tape. Securely get back to work. Use barrier tape products to locate social distancing signs in workplaces, healthcare facilities, schools, and other locations.

Social distancing tape can be applied to nearly any type of flooring to establish social distance lines that keep individuals the advised 6 feet away. Social distance marking tapes came in various colours and sold and striped patterns. We also have variants that are pre-printed and non-skid. Additionally, social distancing tape can create a design, especially for your use.

What are the Uses of Social Distancing Barricade Tape?

To create the appearance of a painted surface, the tape is overlaminate for a high gloss finish. The tape has strong chemical resistance, can endure temperatures of 50C, and is simple to clean. Standard signage that reads “Please Keep a Safe Distance of 2 Meters” maintains the proper social distance in the workplace. Also available are custom markings.

  • Suitable for supermarkets, warehouses, offices, hospitals, post offices, banks, pharmacies and others
  • Clear social distancing instructions to safeguard employees, visitors and members of the public

Identifying Some of the Best Tapes Available for Social Distancing

Several measures have been implemented to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and flatten the curve as a result of the global pandemic that we generated. Social distance is one of these many precautions that has quickly spread throughout society and become a protocol that we are all used to. Important establishments that have remained open throughout the pandemic are following stringent social segregation protocols to protect clients.

Installing social distancing tape or decals to indicate where people should stand in lines so that people keep at least six feet apart is one of these essential steps, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised. Essential businesses open during the pandemic, such as supermarkets, medical offices, pharmacies, and more, are using social distancing recordings. However, not all cassettes are created equally, and as a result, not all recordings ought to be utilized for social isolation. Here at Tape University┬«, we’ve compiled a thorough list so you can quickly find some of the top social distancing recordings on the market.

Non-Adhesive Barricade Tape

To keep customers inside a defined space and away from other customers and personnel, businesses can create lanes or mark restricted zones with non-adhesive barricade tape. This non-adhesive tape won’t sag even after extended use or when stretched over great lengths. Additionally, it withstands dampness and humidity while maintaining flexibility in frigid conditions.

Non-Adhesive Woven Barricade Tape

Non-Adhesive Woven Barricade Tape delineates limited zones, making it a great social delineation tape for designating where patrons should and shouldn’t stand. The non-adhesive tape won’t sag even when stretched over a long distance. Because it is made of tough woven fibers and resists moisture and humidity, it can stand up well in various temperatures and weather situations. Both indoors and outside, this social separation tape works wonders.

Barricade Tape Is Ideal For

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Retail Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants & Food Joints
  • Banks
  • Schools & Educational Institutes
  • Corporate offices
  • Service Centers
  • Apartments & Housing Societies
  • Many more uses

Singhal industries provide you the best social distance barricade tape in the world. If you have any query, please feel free to contact us.

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