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Elevate Your Fashion Game With Western Wear

by Uneeb Khan

The UAE is perhaps the most secular place on the planet. It allows freedom to practice all religions, enjoy recreational activities according to personal preferences, and dress however one desires. It hosts numerous fashion brands, ranging from world-renowned fashion mavens to emerging designers. It also has the biggest retail shopping mall in the world. So residents and tourists in the UAE have access to the best labels and are among the first to set fashion trends. No doubt women in the UAE are born fashionistas and Dubai is the fashion capital of the Middle East. 

Since UAE has a multicultural society, western wear is one of the most popular attires here. Keeping in view the immense demand and popularity of western wear, Khaadi UAE has unveiled a wide array of women western dresses for its clients in the country. 

A large part of the country is a desert and hence the climate here is hot for most part of the year. Due to this reason, comfortable loose clothing such as summer maxi dresses is highly preferred by the ladies here. Khaadi has all sorts of maxi dresses for women. From casual maxi dresses to fancy ones that you can wear to parties and glamorous events, we have it all. Our western wear entails much more than just maxis and shirts; you have to browse through to find out. 

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Rock the Tops!


When it comes to Khaadi tops, there is so much variety that you’ll find something to wear anywhere and everywhere. That’s because you can pair a top with jeans or a skirt or capris to achieve whatever look or style you have in mind. Khaadi tops for women are all about comfort and fashion. When designing western outfits for women, our designers give due consideration to the climate, places, and events in the UAE. There is a western dress available for every occasion and every place. Whether that’s the beach or the desert, cafe or mall, you’ll find a suitable western dress at Khaadi store for sure. 

Khaadi tops for ladies in the UAE come in a variety of colors, cuts, and fabrics. Check out the printed lycra jersey top for a chic street look or the button-down Tunic in dyed polyester viscose for a lunch with friends. There are round-neck blouses, drop-shoulder shirts, band collar shirts, and much more. The western outfits for women category at Khaadi know no bounds. There is something to appeal to every woman, whether they’re Asian or European. Come and see for yourself.

Keep it Comfy & Cool with Khaadi Bottoms


The right-fitted ladies bottom wear can make all the difference to your look. It can make it or break it. When you feel confident and comfortable in your bottom wear, it shows in the way you carry yourself. So choose your bottoms carefully and wisely. If they’re right for you, you’ll feel it the moment you put them on. 

At Khaadi store, you’ll find all sorts of ladies pants and jeans. Bootcut pants and shalwar pants are among our bestselling items in bottom wear. Besides these, we also have some amazing wide-legged pants for women. It all depends on what cut works well for your body. Nonetheless, our soft flowing fabrics like French terry and dyed ribbed cotton make even the plump body types feel smart and stylish effortlessly.

Furthermore, we also have a range of high-rise and mid-rise jeans, both in skinny cut as well as bootcut. You can wear them with tank tops, crop tops, tunics, or any other top to make your style statement. Feel free to unleash your creativity with all the variety available in our bottoms section. Rest assured our trousers and jeans are among the most durable, comfortable, and affordable in the market. 

Bring out the Feminine Charm with Khaadi Shirt Dresses & T-Shirts

Shirt Dresses

Ever since the launch of Khaadi back in the 1990s, it has evolved into a brand known to accentuate the feminine charm of a woman. This ability of the label is not just limited to its eastern wear. Khaadi today offers as much variety in western dresses for women as in eastern. When you visit the Khaadi UAE store, you’d be pleasantly surprised to view the enormous diversity in the design and material of our western dresses. 

Khaadi T-shirts for women come in several kinds of styles and designs. From regular fits to relaxed fits and from printed ladies t-shirts to solid colored shirts for women. Whether you want a t-shirt to wear on a desert safari or to the beach, we have numerous options for you to choose from. Name any color or cut and we have it for you, that too in abundance. So why go anywhere else when you can find it all on Khaadi UAE store online? It’s both economical and convenient. 

Stoles & Scarves to Add Some Panache


Jeans, skirts, long shirt dresses, or plain T-shirts are all worn commonly in the UAE. Of course, you can mix and match different pieces to create different looks each time. However, having some nice shades of ladies’ stoles and scarves in your wardrobe always comes in handy. 

Women’s stoles have the ability to add a pop of color to a rather dull outfit. Khaadi store has embroidered, printed, and dyed stoles both in solids as well as multiple color combinations. You can find them in fabrics including lawn, viscose, cotton square, polyester doria, and more. The best part is that, unlike other brands, our stoles are priced quite reasonably; they won’t cost you an arm or a leg. They can go with various outfits and never fail to add life and panache to your overall look. So come on and start shopping. 

Vist Khaadi Store & Explore More

UAE women can never get enough of fashion. That’s why Khaadi ensures to bring in new articles that are in line with the tastes and trends prevalent in the country. Our western wear is among the most affordable that you can find and there is no compromise on quality and service either. Our fabrics are super soft, comfortable, and strong while our designs offer variation, uniqueness, and innovation all at the same time. So feel free to explore our online store; no matter what you’re looking for and what your body shape is, you’ll surely find something suitable here at a good price. With Khaadi you can elevate your western fashion game successfully and effortlessly. So come on and shop on. 

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