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Best Universities to Study MBBS in China

by Uneeb Khan
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Studying MBBS in China offers three major advantages, namely quality medical education, recognized medical qualifications, and access to technology-based medical facilities. The press release revealed that there are currently more than 23,000 Pakistani students studying at various medical universities in China. China has always been at the forefront of technology; therefore, finding areas related to this makes it a smart investment like China MBBS. So, if you are eager to pursue an MBBS course in China, this blog covers all the essential details to help you make the right educational choice here.

Why Study MBBS in China?

Before we get into the details of Study MBBS in China, let’s understand why this country is ideal for this field.

QS Ranked Universities

In the 2022 QS Medical University Rankings, there are 26 universities in China in the field of medicine. As of 80/100, these universities are consistently popular choices and have excellent academic and business reputations.

Scholarship Opportunities

Studying MBBS in China does not have to be expensive. Here are many MBBS colleges that offer various scholarship opportunities. These scholarships provide funding in various ways: by paying tuition fees, providing scholarship amounts or fee waivers, etc.

Affordable Price

When it comes to studying MBBS in China vs studying MBBS in the US/UK, the former is always the better choice. Medical research in China is relatively cheap compared to US/UK. Despite the reasonable fee structure, China still ranks among the top for the standard of care and education it offers.

Advanced Technology

When it comes to technological developments, China has always been in the headlines. The news also proves that medical students will have a better learning experience as the medical facilities provided will have well-equipped technological solutions.

Top 5 Chinese Medical Universities in 2023

There are many universities for Pakistani students to study MBBS in China. These universities are widely recognized and provide high-quality medical education. So, to help you choose the best, we have listed the top 5 MBBS universities in China:

  • Peking University Health Science Center
  • Fudan University
  • Wuhan University
  • Nanjing Medical University
  • Zhejiang University

Peking University Health Science Center

Peking University is one of the preferred MBBS universities in China. This university is one of the leading and reputed medical institutions. The university has approximately 73 international students enrolled worldwide.

Fudan University

Fudan University is the next preferred MBBS medical university in China. Over the years, the university has been known for encouraging the enrollment of international students. Outstanding academic students have the opportunity to undertake clinical training abroad.

Wuhan University

The university has more than 5,000 students. In addition, Wuhan University has 3 first-class affiliated hospitals and 33 laboratories and research centers.

Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Medical University has 26 affiliated hospitals, and it is very convenient for international students to seek medical treatment. If you want to study a combination of traditional medicine and modern medicine, Nanjing Medical University is your best choice.

Zhejiang University

Finally, Zhejiang University is another popular choice for studying MBBS in China. It is one of the oldest universities, having been established in 1897. Zhejiang University is also one of the best medical institutions in China.

Admission Process for Study MBBS in China

To ensure a smooth application process, here is an overview of how to apply for an MBBS in China:

  • Find out which universities in China offer MBBS courses
  • Once selected, visit the official website of the university to check the admission requirements
  • See what tests you should take
  • Pay the application/registration fee (500-800 RMB)
  • Submit all relevant documents before the application deadline
  • Attend an online interview if specified by the university
  • Once confirmed, arrange to finance and apply for a student visa to study in China

MBBS China Documents

  • To successfully qualify for MBBS in China, your MBBS application must be accompanied by a set of relevant documents. Make sure to specify the following:
  • a copy of the passport
  • All educational texts
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Evidence of international standardized tests (A-Level, etc.)
  • Non-criminal penalty certificate
  • Financial report
  • Chinese/English language proficiency test
  • Reasonable evidence of health

Cost of Studying MBBS Courses in China

To determine the cost of studying in China for Pakistani students, two factors are important, namely the MBBS fees in China and the cost of living. Let us understand each one in detail:


The cost of studying MBBS in China ranges from 34,000 to 75,000 RMB/per year. For students on a budget, there are also scholarship opportunities available.

Cost of Living

Monthly living expenses in China is CNY 2,000. The most recurring expenses are accommodation, travel, food, and miscellaneous. In addition, students are also required to pay annual health insurance, residence permit, and other fees.

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