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Technical SEO: Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization

by Uneeb Khan

Every website owner understands that search engine rankings matter, but many aren’t familiar with the technical side of SEO. If you’re in charge of your company’s online presence, here are some important facts you should know about technical SEO to help you boost your site’s visibility online.

There are many ways in which Technical SEO can increase your rankings and help you get found online including optimizing your website code, adding meta data, and installing web analytics software. We’ll go through all of these in the following sections.

What is Technical SEO?

It’s a subset of on-page and off-page optimization that focuses on making your site search engine friendly. There are many things that go into technical SEO, but some of the most important include making sure your site’s code is valid, using schema markup correctly, using good URLs, and setting up sensible image alt tags so that search engine crawlers know what images are about. These are just a few examples.

The Importance of Technical SEO:

You may have heard people say you should focus more on content marketing than technical SEO or technical SEO doesn’t matter anymore because Google isn’t indexing pages with speed issues. These statements are simply untrue, as there are still plenty of reasons why you should do technical work for your site if you want to rank well in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

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The Benefits of Optimizing Your Site Code:

The main reason for doing any sort of development work on your site is to make sure it runs quickly so it loads quickly. When people visit your page, they don’t want to wait around forever for something to load. Nobody likes waiting. So when it comes time for Googlebot to come crawl your page and check out your website for ranking purposes, you won’t be penalized too severely if there are speed issues involved in loading the page.

After all, who wants a slow webpage? Not too many people would choose one over another just because it loaded faster or had better ranking signals from the point of view of the bots who crawl around looking at different sites on the internet all day long! But before jumping into fixing up your site code and getting all excited about how much traffic will come flowing in once everything is optimized and running smoothly again.

Adding Meta Data:

Adding metadata to your site is an important way to help boost visibility in the SERPs. If you take care of this one thing, there’s no doubt that Google will love your site and start sending it higher rankings. To properly set up meta tags for good visibility, we recommend using a tool like Screaming Frog SEO Spider and then exporting a report to Excel. From here, you can see exactly where certain elements are located on your site and make adjustments accordingly.

For example, let’s say we look at our title tag. Sure enough, it has the wrong formatting. Here we could adjust to fix this problem and re-export our report to see what kind of impact that makes on our overall meta data score. And while looking at individual pieces of metadata is helpful, sometimes it helps more to step back and analyze the big picture instead of focusing in on specific details one by one.

Bottom Line

A webmaster or search engine optimization (SEO) professional needs to know how Google works on a fundamental level. When people talk about technical SEO, they are referring to anything related to how Google crawls pages, how it indexes them and stores them, how it ranks pages for specific keywords or content topics, what makes a page worth ranking highly for certain words or phrases (or not), and so on. If you’re interested in learning more about technical SEO, you can read our detailed blog at Prisma Solution. We’ll help you understand the key concepts and answer your questions.

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