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The Current Apartments for Sale Trend in Sharjah

by Uneeb Khan

Sharjah, one of the emirates in the UAE, is drawing remarkable attention from property investors from across the world.

The intersection of modernity and conservativeness distinguishes the emirate. And that makes staying in Sharjah special.

In other words, you can give your family an enjoyable life by investing in a residential property in the emirate.

Remarkably, you will see a somewhat different picture in Sharjah. In spite of being situated adjacent to Dubai, Sharjah lacks the hustle and bustle of Dubai.

On the contrary, Sharjah has a quiet and peaceful environment, perfect for families with kids.

Interestingly, property prices are significantly lower, making property ownership possible for most people.

Due to the lower property prices in Sharjah, many people prefer staying in Sharjah and working in Dubai.

The shorter distance between the emirates makes them accessible on a regular basis.

The Apartment Type Availability


In Sharjah, you will find apartments of almost all types—from studios to 4-bedroom apartments.

Given the current trends, studio apartments in Sharjah are built with around 375 square feet of floor space and one bathroom.

Again, a 1-bed apartment in Sharjah comes with around 314 square feet of floor space and one bathroom.

According to the prevailing trends, 2-bed apartments in the emirate come with three bathrooms and around 1063 square feet of floor space.

But we suggest you consider purchasing a 3-bed apartment in Sharjah if you have a family with more than one kid.

According to the prevailing trends, a 3-bed apartment in the emirate comes with four bathrooms and 2087 square feet of floor space.

This is not the end of the list of apartments for sale in Sharjah.  

There are spacious 4-bed apartments in Sharjah that are ideal for large families.

Such an apartment has five bathrooms and 2243 square feet of floor area.

Again, you can have the option to choose a waterfront living in some localities.

Apartment Sale Prices in Sharjah


The good news is that apartment sale prices in Sharjah are within the affordable range.

If you look at the prevailing price trend, you will find the sale prices of studios are around AED 280k. And you need to shell out around AED 314k for a 1-bed apartment.

Again, the current trend shows that a 2-bed apartment for sale in Sharjah costs around AED 550k. And, you must pay around AED 800k to purchase a 4-bed apartment in the emirate.

Again, the other good news is that you need not worry if you cannot afford to pay the entire amount upfront.

In Sharjah, there are options to get a mortgage at low-interest rates, making your property ownership dream come true.

The Lifestyle in Sharjah


When you are in Sharjah, enjoyment can be limitless. But, by and large, Sharjah is an emirate with Islamic architecture.

Driven by the beauty of the emirate, many foreigners have relocated to Sharjah. Most foreigners have even purchased residential properties to keep their families in the enjoyable surroundings of Sharjah.

By and large, life in Sharjah revolves around families. So, families exceed the number of singles in the emirate.

Another notable aspect of Sharjah is its conservativeness as compared to Dubai. Due to the conservative norms, you will not find bars or nightclubs in Sharjah.

On the other hand, you will find many entertainment options in the emirate for your family to enjoy.

Out of the prominent places to enjoy, you can take your family to many landmarks in the emirate in the evenings. 

You can take your family to Khalid Lagoon, situated on Al Noor island. After visiting the landmark, your family will come to know many aspects of the culture of Sharjah.



If you are relocating to Sharjah, you can think of investing in an apartment in the emirate. It will give your family an enjoyable life apart from convenience.

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