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The Ifs and Buts To Know Before Taking a Personal Loan

by Ahsan Khan
The Ifs and Buts To Know Before Taking a Personal Loan

Since personal loans aren’t backed by anything, lenders have to be much more careful when deciding whether or not to approve an application. Lenders look at several things when deciding whether to give a personal loan. The applicant’s credit score, monthly income, monthly loan repayment obligations, employer’s profile, and job stability are among the most important. If an applicant doesn’t meet the set criteria for getting a personal loan, their application could be turned down.

Very quick sanction and disbursal

One of the best things about personal loans is that the money is given out quickly. This makes them a good choice for people who need money quickly for things like a medical emergency or a planned expense like home repairs. Most personal loans, like Personal loan without salary slip, are paid out within a few days, and some lenders claim that online personal loans can be paid out almost instantly.

No collateral required

Since instant loan without cibil is not secured, there is usually no need to put up collateral or security against the amount you borrow. This is one of the best things about personal loans, and it also makes it easy to get money quickly.

Minimal Paperwork

Personal loans don’t require much in the way of paperwork, just proof of income and identity. This makes the process easy and smooth for the borrower. After the required documents are checked, and the applicant’s credit history is checked, disbursements don’t take long and are done within a few days. When you apply for a personal loan without a salary slip, make sure you have the other required right paperwork ready, like ITR documents.

No limit on how the loan amount can be used

Another great thing about an Instant loan without cibil is that you can use the money you get from the loan for whatever you want. Personal loans don’t have any rules about how they can be used, as long as they aren’t for gambling. The borrower can use the money for many different things, such as wedding costs, medical emergencies, home repairs, business growth, trips abroad, and so on.

A wide choice amongst lenders

Personal loans are offered by many banks, fintech, NBFCs, etc., and for different types like instant loans without cibil and personal loan without salary slips. Their interest rates vary widely, so make sure to compare the offers of as many lenders as possible before choosing one. When comparing the different options, don’t just look at the interest rates of the lenders. Before you choose a lender, make sure to compare other loan features, such as the loan term, processing fees, loan amount, prepayment fees, etc.

Check out the personal loan features and rates offered by different lenders. You can also look at their online financial tools, like the SBI personal loan calculator, to find out how much your EMI will be based on the loan amount, term, and rate. After that, compare their offer to other lenders’ offers and choose the one that best fits your eligibility and needs based on your credit history and ability to pay back the loan.

Presence of EMI calculator tool

An instant loan without cibil has an online EMI calculator that would-be applicants can use to see if they can afford the monthly payment. When deciding how long it takes to pay back your loan, don’t forget to take into account how much you already pay each month toward your financial goals. If you want to lower your overall interest costs, you might choose an aggressive repayment plan with a short term. However, if you do this, you may have to cut back on other financial goals, like saving for your child’s college or retirement. If you do this, you might have to take out more expensive loans to deal with unexpected financial needs or reach other important financial goals in your life.

Pre-approved loans for people who qualify

The instant loan without cibil is being given to eligible customers who have pre-approved personal loan offers and instant approvals. This option is given to customers whose credit history and income are good enough for them to get a pre-approved personal loan offer after the lender has taken the steps needed to make that happen.

Other loan options available as an alternative

Don’t make the mistake of not looking at all of the other loan options before deciding on a personal loan without salary slip. If you need money quickly, look at other loan options like gold loans, top-up home loans, loans against securities, loans against property, etc., before deciding on a personal loan or moving forward with one. All of these loan options, like personal loans, have no restrictions on how the money can be used at the end, and some of them even have lower interest rates and longer terms. If you decide to get a personal loan, use an online tool like the SBI personal loan calculator to see if you can afford the monthly payments (EMI) before you get the loan.


Interest rates are relatively high.

Compared to other loan options, especially secured ones like a gold loan, a top-up home loan, etc., personal loan without salary slip may have higher interest rates because they are not as safe. This is because there is no security or collateral to back up the loan, so there is a high credit risk for the lender. To make up for this, lenders tend to charge slightly higher rates to cover their risk. But people with a good credit history tend to get lower interest rates than people who haven’t paid their loans and credit card bills on time in the past.

So overall, now you know the pros as well as cons of taking a personal loan. So before you submit the application, ensure to factor in each of these aspects so that you can maximize the most from your application and do not adversely impact your financial health in any way, and also are able to repay the loan comfortably after the application gets accepted.

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