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The Role of Prophet Muhammad in Islamic Dream Interpretation

by Yasir Asif
Dream Interpretation

Islamic dream interpretation is an art based on religious evidence. Dream symbols are defined using statements from the Sunnah and authentic sahih narrations.

Dreams that come true are called visions (ri’ayat) and one must strive to have a good and clear vision. A person can achieve this by speaking honestly, eating halal food and following the commandments of shari’ah.


In Islamic dream interpretation, the Prophet is considered to be a symbol of truth. He is seen in the dream of believers as a sign of good news and as a way to help them overcome tribulations.

A person can see the Prophet in his own form or a different one. He will also have a clear indication in the dream that it is the Prophet he has been seeing. The Prophet himself has narrated that he will not appear to a believer in a dream without being recognized as such.

Similarly, it is important to note that the dreams a person sees are only presumptive and can change dramatically once reality plays out. It is therefore not recommended to make major decisions based on a dream alone. Rather, it should be interpreted in light of the Quran and Sunnah and if it is a true dream, it will have a positive impact on one’s life.


The names of things and people in a dream are important because the soul can link to other souls and events that happen in other dimensions. That is what brings about the feeling of deja vu.

It is also a way that Allah gives us knowledge and guidance in a form that is easier for the human mind to understand. That is why it is said that the prophet in a dream is the truth and not a falsehood.

The fact that the Prophet appears in a dream is important because it shows that the dream is ru’ya shadiqoh. That is why the prophet tells us that he can only appear in ru’ya dreams and not in kaffir (false) dreams. This is why he instructs us to talk about our dreams only to those we love and trust. That is because if we tell the wrong people about our dreams they might be used against us.


According to Islamic scholars, some dreams have symbols and meanings that can only be discovered through interpretation. These are called honest dreams and they give glad tidings to the believers. They can also be a sign of future events or a warning against evil.

Some of these dreams can be interpreted even by a non-believer, if the person has a lot of ilm and taqwa. Moreover, a true dream can include a vision of the Prophet Muhammad, even though he will not look exactly like he did in his life. The Prophet himself emphasized this point in his Hadiths, saying that people see the Prophet in their dreams the way they would imagine him to look when he was at that age.

Another important aspect of the role of dreams is that they can connect us with people who have passed away, as well as with the dead. This is based on the Muslim belief that time is only a creation of God, and the soul is eternally connected to the Hereafter. This is the reason for deja vu, which is a result of the soul reconnecting with a past event in a different dimension.


According to Islamic tradition, dreams can be either a false dream or an honest one. A false dream is something that doesn’t have any interpretation while an honest one can give you a glimpse of your future. The Prophet Muhammad has prohibited that you should not add anything or subtract anything while reciting a dream for interpretation because doing so can spoil it.

He also said that a dream might be for someone else. For example, a companion of the Prophet saw in his dream that Abu Jahl rHmh llh became a Muslim and pledged allegiance to the Prophet but this never happened. However, his son did become a Muslim and pledged allegiance later on.

Lastly, Prophet Muhammad has mentioned that there will be very few untrue dreams towards the end of days. Therefore, you should expect good things and narrate your dreams to those that you love. This will protect you from jealousy like the one that made Prophet Yusuf rHmh llh not tell his brothers about his dream.

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