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The Top 10 Reasons to Decriminalize and Regulate Cannabis

by Uneeb Khan
Medical marijuana
  1. A nation that appreciates personal liberty should not penalize individuals who consume it.

Medical marijuana is safer than alcohol that most of the people don’t know. With our nation’s dedication for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness we should be focusing on preventing deaths from other substances instead of tearing family units because someone uses cannabis

Our society views marijuana as an illegal drug which carries negative connotations but there are so many positive benefits of this natural healing herb. In Florida, you can get a medical card under the supervision of a medical practitioner. 

  1. Cannabis prohibition consumes precious resources while cannabis legalization and taxation generate much-needed cash.

The taxation and regulation of cannabis could be a huge economic boom for our country. The tax revenue from just Washington State will be over $600 million in 2020, with an estimate projection that replacing prohibition would yield $6 billion alone.

  1. Police are unable to devote their efforts to more serious criminal activity due to the arrest of cannabis criminals.

The War on Cannabis is real and it’s ruining lives. In 2019, the FBI reported 663 367 arrests for cannabis-related crimes more than all violent crimes combined! Yet data published in Police Quarterly shows that only 14% of burglaries were solved after legalization with an arrest.

31 percent rape cases remain unsolved as well thanks to this absurd policy against marijuana use by foreigners or citizens alike even though we should be focusing resources towards finding criminals instead.

  1. Prohibition has ruined the lives of countless Americans, sending them through the criminal justice system.

With 15 million cannabis arrests in the U.S., it’s clear that most of those who have been charged with a crime over weed don’t even know someone they arrest is also struggling financially as well. With many unable to secure housing or jobs because their criminal record prevents them from getting anywhere near serious consideration for employment opportunities.

Where openness and honesty about potential are valued traits rather than qualifications associated only with being criminals.

  1. The enforcement of cannabis laws is particularly harsh.

The racial bias in cannabis arrests is an issue that needs to be addressed. Black individuals are more than 3.5 times as likely to get arrested for marijuana possession, even when their usage rates match those of white people or exceed it by significant margins across countries around America including here on our own soil.

  1. Restricting access to cannabis for teenagers creates hurdles that need to be overcome.

The survey found that 40% of high schoolers know someone who sells cannabis at their school, while less than 1 percent are aware there’s an alcohol dealer on campus. The regulated businesses check ID and cannot hire minors in these types selling alcoholic beverages.

People often don’t realize how prevalent substance abuse really is until they hear about it secondhand which means you might be next. Be sure not to share any personal information like birth date or social security number when ordering online because this type of illegal business doesn’t follow traditional rules regarding correct documentation procedures for employer-employee relationships.

  1. Cannabis prohibition leads to crime.

As was the case with alcohol prohibition, driving this lucrative market underground results in violence. Both buyers and sellers are vulnerable to assault as they try their best not only to protect themselves but also make sure that no one else gets hurt from any harm coming out of buying or selling drugs on black markets like these ones do.

In our current times where there’s been an increase globally for things such us human trafficking which can lead people into forced labor among other horrors.

  1. Control is possible because of state and federal regulations.

The use of pesticides in the production process can be dangerous to your health. This is why it’s important that we ensure our cannabis products are pure and potent, so you don’t risk contamination from harmful substances like this.

  1. Prohibition is environmentally hazardous.

Regulated cannabis businesses are monitored to ensure compliance with zoning and environmental laws. To avoid using banned pesticides, illicit growers sometimes turn their attention away from agriculture in favor of profitable enterprise growing marijuana.

Jurisdictions that have banned these chemical substances will be deprived of potential tax revenue when you apply them elsewhere since it’s considered misuse or abuse rather than just proper application for purposes described on package labels.

This means other areas such as state parks may contain hazardous wastes which could cause harm if touched by visitor’s unwilling participants at first glance.

  1. Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol.

The harmful effects of alcohol are well-known, but it’s important to note that cannabis can also have its drawbacks. While the drug doesn’t appear as toxic or addictive on first glance there will always be some people who develop an addiction and others whose health may suffer due use over time.Especially if they experience any form of mental illness such as depression which has been linked with higher rates in those individuals smoking marijuana regularly. 50,000 Americans die from the health impacts of chronic alcohol consumption every year with 2200 additional deaths due to acute overdose. Cannabis has not been shown nor does it seem likely that there would ever be a verified cannabis Overdose death in history. On top of this we can confirm its safety by looking at other substances like cigarettes which cause much more harm than just physical symptoms when smoked together. Use of Marijuana under doctor’s guidance can be useful for your health related issues.

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