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The Top 10 Winter Sports to Try This Year

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The Top 10 Winter Sports to Try This Year

With winter in full swing, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and try some new winter sports and activities. From popular winter pastimes like skiing and ice skating to more obscure sports like curling and skijoring, there are plenty of ways to get your heart pumping and enjoy the cold weather. Here are the top 10 winter sports to try this year. Be sure to check the latest snow predicion Toronto before heading out to ensure ideal conditions.

Downhill Skiing

For many, downhill skiing is the pinnacle of winter sports. Skiing stimulates both your mind and body as you navigate down the slopes. While learning to ski has a steeper learning curve than other winter sports, persevering pays off in huge dividends once you get the hang of it. From gliding over fresh powder to racing down a groomed trail, downhill skiing is a wonderful way to enjoy snowy landscapes. And don’t be intimidated, nearly all major ski resorts offer lessons for all skill levels. So hit the slopes this winter!

Cross-Country Skiing

A classic and accessible winter sport, cross-country skiing provides great low-impact exercise in a peaceful outdoor setting away from crowded downhill resorts. It requires more technical skill and endurance than downhill, but offers a more intimate way to experience winter’s beauty. Glide through snow-covered forests and fields as you improve your technique. Requiring very little expensive gear, cross-country skiing is one of the most affordable winter sports that nearly anyone at any fitness level can enjoy.

Ice Skating

Whether you’re into figure skating, speed skating, or recreational outdoor pond skating, lacing up a pair of skates provides hours of frigid fun for all ages. Indoor arenas offer a great way to learn, especially for beginners. But don’t underestimate the nostalgic joy of skating on a frozen lake — just be sure to take proper safety precautions. As a low impact activity, ice skating is gentle on your joints while providing a complete cardio and muscle workout. And executing jumps, spins, and other advanced moves will impress both your mind and body.


Strap a pair of snowshoes to your winter boots and experience nature in a whole new way. Snowshoeing opens up snow-covered landscapes that would be difficult to traverse in normal footwear. Trek through peaceful mountain ranges, fresh powder, and remote forests on snowshoes for an up-close wintry adventure. It’s also extremely accessible for all ages and fitness levels when taken at a comfortable pace. Many ski resorts now offer designated snowshoe trails. And modern snowshoes are very affordable and easy to learn. Snowshoeing provides excellent gentle cardiovascular exercise to keep your fitness on track through the cold months.


Sometimes you need to get back to winter sport basics, and that’s where sledding delivers maximal fun with minimal effort. This quintessential snow activity provides an adrenaline rush for all ages in just about any landscape with a good slope. All you need is a sled, snow pants, jacket, and gloves to get started. Traditional wood or metal runner sleds stand the test of time. But modern inflatable sleds make transporting and storing your ride a breeze. Sledding is the perfect way to spend a brisk afternoon with family or friends without breaking the bank. Just be sure to check out terrain beforehand to ensure a safe slope that avoids obstructions like trees and rocks. And take turns to avoid collisions.


Combining technique, strategy, and sweeping, curling is a unique winter sport growing rapidly in popularity. Two teams take turns sliding granite stones down a sheet of ice toward a target area. Players use brooms to sweep the ice surface in front of the moving stone to direct its path. It may look strange to newcomers, but curling requires immense skill, precision, and communication with teammates. Curling a stone accurately over a long stretch of ice and placing it in exactly the right spot is extremely difficult. Strategy comes into play predicting your opponents’ moves. Check to see if there is a curling club or facility in your region. Many offer beginner leagues and lessons. The camaraderie and emphasis on good sportsmanship make curling a wonderful wintertime activity.


If cross-country skiing seems a bit tame, take it to the next level by adding one feisty dog or horse to help propel you over hill and dale on skis. The winter sport of skijoring involves hitching yourself to a canine or equine teammate and holding on tight as you’re pulled over snow at brisk speeds through a variety of winter terrain. Dogs generally wear a specialized skijoring harness to prevent injury. For appropriate equines like docile horses or sure-footed mules, a rider leads the animal while the skier is pulled behind on a tow rope line. Racing other teams or against the clock, skijoring requires substantial skill and coordination. But just recreationally gliding through snowy landscapes with your pup or trusty steed pulling you along for a vigorous winter workout can be extremely rewarding.

Ice Hockey

For those who love physical team sports, outdoor or indoor ice hockey is an excellent way to make new friends and enjoy being active in winter. With six players per team including a goalie, hockey combines speed, skill, and strategy. Expect a cardiovascular workout as you sprint up and down the rink and dodge opponents to set up scoring shots. Each 1 hour game involves three 20-minute intense periods of play. But once you learn the essentials of stick handling, passing, and positioning from experienced players, the fast pace, competition, and comradery become extremely addicting. With both casual recreational leagues for adults and competitive youth travel teams in many regions, ice hockey is a wonderful winter sport that provides great exercise and lifelong memories.

Alpine or Telemark Skiing

For advanced skiers looking for a whole new challenge and stunning views that reach well beyond ski resort boundaries, alpine touring (AT) or telemark skiing are sports worth pursuing this winter. Specialized AT bindings allow your heels to lift freely for ascending mountain slopes, then lock heels down for those heart-pounding downhill runs in deep backcountry snow. Telemark employs skis with free heels and a distinctive one-footed turning technique requiring strong legs and balance. Randonee takes these specialized gear types into true mountaineering terrain far from groomed slopes. Guiding services provide invaluable avalanche safety advice. Expect steep inclines earned through “skinning” uphill using sticky strips on your skis. But the remote untouched descents with endless terrain options make it all worthwhile.

Ice Climbing

Conquer huge vertical sheets of sheer ice by harnessing mountaineering tools like crampons and ice axes in this daring winter sport. Far from a humble snowball fight, ice climbing challenges both physical stamina and mental courage as you scale formidable frozen waterfalls and cliffs that reach dazzling heights. You’ll need proper specialized clothing and safety gear of course. But the rewards found high atop gleaming ice flows and the immense satisfaction of overcoming such a challenge make ice climbing a remarkable winter bucket list endeavor. Just be certain to enroll in instructional ice climbing courses with certified guides to understand proper techniques, anchor setup, and safety protocols before tackling multi-pitch routes. The stunning scenery and adrenaline surge might just make ice climbing your newest winter obsession.

As this quick survey of top winter sports proves, there are endless outdoor activities beyond basic sledding and snowball fights to embrace during the chilly months. Whether you love peaceful treks through snow-covered evergreens, live for hardcore team competition, or seek imposing Peak mountaineering summits towering above in glittering ice, winter offers sublime adventures for nearly everyone. Just be sure to layer up! Earlier forecasting tools weren’t always the most accurate. But thankfully snowdaypredictorcalculator.com has introduced far more precise technology that analyzes historical snow data along with up-to-the-hour meteorology to provide projected snow accumulation totals and probability rates down to your specific neighborhood. Avoid making frigid trudges outdoors for naught. Simply enter your location, and you’ll be ready to fully seize winter’s splendor. Lace up those skates, strap on your snowshoes, grab the sled, and make this your best winter ever!

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