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The use of backlinks checker tools is an important part of search engine optimization

by Uneeb Khan
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In SEO, backlinks are a must. That’s why a website promoter spends so much time building links. You can’t rely on doing manual searches for link sources anymore. Whether you’re looking at your own link profile or backlinks checker of your competitors, backlink checkers are a useful tool. This is why backlinks checker software has become one of the most popular SEO tools.

To aid you in your search, we have compiled a list of the most popular backlinks checker tools and programmes: (both free and paid).

Using Yahoo! for a Site Search

Almost certainly the most popular SEO tool in use today, and the industry standard for backlink research. Yahoo! Site Explorer allows you to view a site’s ranking profile with no effort. Site Explorer will automatically return a list of sites that link to the one you specify once you enter its URL.

The same domain or subdomain can be used to eliminate duplicate results. You can also use site: and the other advanced search operators. The /-site: command is used to examine and remove all links from a specified domain or all domains with a specific TLD (.coms,.edus, etc.)

Yahoo! Site Explorer only lets you inspect 1,000 of a site’s links at a time, no matter how many links it truly has.

Watch Your Inbound Links

For search engine optimization purposes, backlinks checker Watch can be used to find out how many links point to a website, how authoritative those connections are, and what anchor text was used. The list of links is compiled using Yahoo! Site Explorer, so you shouldn’t expect any particularly novel or extensive results.


Webconfs gives you free access to a comprehensive range of search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Only two of them are designed for investigating backlinks. The first is a tool for examining backlink anchor text. With this instrument, you can see which domains are connected to and what anchor texts are being utilised. Multiple anchor texts will be shown if the page contains more than one link. Backlink Summary is another tool that can be of value. What it does is exactly what its name suggests: it gives you a rundown of the many domains that link to a given page, complete with the total number of links on each.

There is no difference between the results you get from using Backlink Watch or any of the other tools at Webconf; they’re all powered by Yahoo! and have a 1,000-link per-domain cap.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo! ; SEO Software; SEOMoz, Majestic, and Linkscape

Serious SEO work necessitates the use of more robust backlinks checker, which will allow you to dig deeper into the link index, analyse more links, and gather more data for analysis. Tools like SEO SpyGlass, Majestic SEO, and Linkscape are useful in this regard. These three tools are far superior to any other backlinks checker on the market. Unlike Majestic and Linkscape, SEO SpyGlass queries a wide range of search engines and use complicated search operators to unearth extra links.

Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. Using internal crawlers may result in a larger number of backlinks checker, but it comes at a higher price for the company and the client. Also, it is challenging to make sense of and actionable insights from large data sets. You can perform as many backlinks checker as you like using SEO SpyGlass without paying anything extra, and the data you get is more useful. But your link profile will be slightly less because you’ll only get the links that search engines show you.

Using a free backlink checker, you can identify the best link partners in your industry. If you want to get your website optimised faster, try employing some of some SEO tools.

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