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The Value of Making Connections Within the Music Industry

by Junaid Awan
The Value of Making Connections Within the Music Industry

Making connections within any industry can end up being extremely beneficial for your career – especially when it comes to the professional music world.

The real challenge though, is meeting these connections for the first time. It can be scary, daunting even, to reach out to these people when you are just beginning to set the pillars of your career. There are times when making connections with major record labels, or publishing companies can seem like an impossible challenge. However, we are here to remind you that making valuable connections is possible and within your reach – as emphasised by famous musician Mark Siegel.

Founder of the prestigious Static Flight Music Group, Mark Siegel is considered a revered American songwriter, producer, and musician who has been known for his various accomplishments in the music industry.

He toured as a musician and music director before he joined the alt-pop rock band, NEEDMORE. Throughout the years he would write and produce several artists out of Nashville, TN and has even garnered over 500 million streams through his music.

Plus, in 2022, he became the music composer for Sony Pictures Entertainment’s film ‘Father Stu’ – which led him to become known for his cinematic film trailer compositions and ever since then, he has been in high demand for his skills.

Moreover, he has worked with famous singer/songwriter and social media sensation, Jacob Whitesides – appearing together in many shows and magazines such as The Today Show, Rolling Stone Magazine, Live With Kelly, Good Morning America, and many more.

As a professional musician, he has often emphasised the importance of utilising connections to make the most out of your music career. Consequently, we will be sharing a number of tips to help you figure out the best way to network with people in the music industry.

Ideal Selection

One of the most important things you need to consider is that when you meet people, think about how they can become relevant to the work you do and how their connection serves an important purpose. Is there a band you want to work with? Do you want to introduce yourself to a promoter? Keeping these in mind, make sure that you are always meeting everyone with respect because they just might be the people who can propel your successful career into the future.

Mutual Support

People will always remember those who appreciated them for their work, so always make sure that you appreciate the work of people you want to keep good connections with. There are so many ways you can reciprocate, so always make the most out of those opportunities.

Utilizing Social Media

Another way to show your appreciation to others is to connect with them through social media – because they just might do the same for you. Try your best to share, comment, or like their content and connect with them via messages. You never know just how strong connections can be made through these approaches.

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